Apr 27, 2017

The College Diaries: My Freshmen Year in Review

Hey Guys! Emily here. It's been quite a while since I last posted about college so I figured I'd sum up my freshmen year for you.

I feel like I actually got really lucky when it comes to freshmen year of college. I really didn't have a hard time at all. My classes were fairly easy and the work not to difficult (when I wasn't waiting until the last minute to get everything doe). As for my professors, some I loved and some I didn't. 

As for the whole "College Experience", I honestly didn't have that. Farmingdale is largely a commuter school, so it was hard for me to get involved. I never really knew when anything was happening and when it was, I was either at home studying or at work. I would love to transfer somewhere new to gain more of an experience, but I still have no clue what I'm interested in majoring in.

This year has come to a close faster than I imagined and I cannot wait for summer. I'm so over 8AM classes, walking through campus in the rain, fighting for a parking spot, and listening to professors drone on for an hour. Although it sounds like I absolutely hate college, I'm pretty excited for my sophomore year, especially the classes I'll be taking *hint hint Abnormal Psych hint hint*.

For any other college students, I hope you make it through these last few weeks, as well as those dreaded finals. 

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