Spotlight & Giveaway: Down in the Belly of the Whale by Kelley Kay Bowles!

Hi everyone! Today on the blog, we have a fun spotlight and giveaway for Kelley Bowles's DOWN IN THE BELLY OF THE WHALE. So without further ado, let's get into it!

Title: Down in the Belly of the Whale

Author: Kelley Kay Bowles
Publisher: Aionios Books
Paperback, 235 Pages
Published May 2018

Summary: Harper Southwood is a teenage girl who can sense when people will get sick—but so what? She can’t predict her best friend’s depression or her mother’s impending health crisis. Being helpful is all Harper ever wanted, but she feels helpless in the face of real adversity. Now, she’s got a chance to summon her courage and use her wits to fight for justice. Laugh and cry along with this irrepressible, high-spirited teen in her journey of self-discovery, as she learns that compassion and internal strength are her real gifts, her true superpower. 

My latest theory is that I must be a changeling. 
I’ve read myths about changelings in various books and encyclopedias. They have one basic thing in common: a changeling is a creature switched with a child at birth, because someone wants the child more than the creature. I think I am the creature, and I feel sorry for the kid who got switched, because these parents aren’t too bad, usually. 
Oh, and did I mention the creatures doing the switching are trolls? 
The changeling child at first looks like the human it substitutes, but gradually grows worse in appearance and behavior: ugly, malformed, ill tempered, given to screaming and biting. My baby pictures are pretty cute, all toothless smiles and fat rolls, but right now as a sophomore, I have a zit the size of Cleveland right in the middle of my chin, my chest is less than spectacular, and growing my kinky brown hair long does little 
to affect its behavior, which means it always looks like mini tornadoes have set up camp in my follicles. 
I hate over half of my teachers. I have no siblings and only one real friend. 
Since society in general frowns upon screaming and biting, I kinda only do that alone and to a pillow. So I totally agree with the changeling definition. 

… It’s not a gift or a power in my opinion, because it doesn’t do anything for anybody. I can warn people to dive into the orange juice, I guess, but aren’t you supposed to drink that stuff a lot anyway? Some help I am. I have this recurring fantasy where I can actually SEE the germ or the bacterium or whatever, with my intensive X-ray vision, and then I spray some sort of supernatural mojo out my nose that transforms the offending germ into a super vitamin that makes you healthier. It’s a nice dream, but so is cascading hair or Larson McCready on speed dial, always answering his cell and dying to take me out on the town. 
Uncle Pasta heads to the fridge with fingertips squeezing at his lymph nodes. I feel helpless, like always, but I guess all I can do right now is go to school. 


Kelley Kay Bowles is the pen name for the YA fiction of Kelley Bowles Gusich. Kelley taught high school English and Drama for twenty years in Colorado and California, but a 1994 MS diagnosis has (circuitously) brought her, finally, to the life of writer and mother, both occupations she adores, and both of which were dreamed of clear back at stories surrounding her Barbie and Ken. Her debut novel, cozy mystery Death by Diploma (pen name Kelley Kaye),was released by Red Adept Publishing February 2016, and is first in the Chalkboard Outlines® series. Book 2, Poison by Punctuation, was released in 2018. Down in the Belly of the Whale is her first traditionally published YA novel, and she’s currently working on a paranormal trilogywith a working name THE MELD. She has two wonderful and funny sons, and an amazing husband who cooks for her. She lives in Southern California.
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We're teaming up with Kelley to host a special giveaway where one (1) winner will receive an ebook copy of DOWN IN THE BELLY OF THE WHALE, and one (1) winner will receive a physical copy! The giveaway for the physical copy is US Only, but the ebook copy is international! Best of luck!

We'd like to thank Kelley for being awesome enough to reach out to us about this, and for helping us host this awesome giveaway! :-)

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