Coming up with Unique Author Interview Questions! (& Some Question Ideas)

In 2019 we have done A LOT of author interviews (to be honest, I've lost count at this point.) But the one challenge that I've found was coming up with unique interview questions that are going to intrigue readers. You don't want to be too generic, you don't want to be too specific (#SPOILERS) and you want them to be fun! To check out some of our interviews you can find them here!

In the years that we have been blogging and doing interview questions there is always that self doubt: This author is going to think that I am an idiot. Believe it or not, authors don't think that and many that I have talked to actually love answering interview questions of all kinds! They love the interest in their books and the eagerness in wanting to know more.

(I am the queen of self doubt so I'll think my interview questions are great and then I panic after I hit send. So if you do this too, you are not alone *Hugs*) 

The answer: YES YOU CAN! 
*Channeling my inner Dora the Explorer*

So, where do you start? Here are some of the ice breaker questions I'll use for the first question or two:

  • {INSERT TITLE HERE} is coming out this year! How does it feel? 
  • This is super important: Coffee or Tea? 
  • What is the secret about being a writer? 
  • Using only emojis summarize your book!

I try to make the first question as fun as possible and not all that serious. No need to dive into the hard questions right away. Think of the first question as an icebreaker, you know the ones that we all had to participate in on the first day of school: "Hi my name is ____ and I love reading." 

I found writing interview questions easier if I have already read the book that I am interviewing that author on, but sometimes this isn't always possible. But that doesn't mean you can't ask book specific questions! 

  • Why did you decide on {INSERT TITLE HERE} as being your title?  
  • Did you always know that {MAIN CHARACTER} was going to be the hero all along? 
  • How did you know you wanted to write a story in multiple point of views? 
  • What was your choice in having/not having a love interest in your book?

If you have already read the book that you are interviewing the author about, this is where I could get even more fun. I am going to use Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo as an example for these more specific questions! (Side note: I have never interviewed Leigh before, but it is one of my dreams to! These questions are just examples.) 

  • Out of all breakfast foods, why waffles? 
  • Why did you decide to continue on after Ruin and Rising ended? 
  • Each character has their own unique back story, where their any challenges in making each character different? 
  • Was it hard to find each characters voices? 
  • Did you write Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom with the intent of Kaz and Inej becoming one of the biggest ships? 
  • How did you construct the world building in a world post Darkling's rule? 

See how the questions are less generic and I can ask about certain instances? Interview questions can be fun and interesting regardless if you read the book or not. There are so many different questions you can ask. One of my favorite questions to ask is: If you can create social media handles for your characters, what would they be? I love asking this question to fantasy authors and seeing how the incorporate their character's abilities and powers into the handle. Think outside the box when you are asking questions. That burning question you have? Ask it! Sometimes authors can't answer certain things because the possibility of spoilers, but most of the time they love answering questions! 

Still at a lost for questions? Here is a few for inspiration: 

  • Is {INSERT TITLE HERE} the first book you have written that is being published?
  • Did you pull inspiration for your book from an real life experiences? 
  • Can you tell me a secret about {INSERT TITLE HERE} that no one else knows? 
  • What is your writing routine? 
  • What is your favorite book?
  • How did you know that you wanted to write this genre?
  • Do you remember the exact moment that you knew you wanted to write this story?
  • What is your method to outlining? 
  • This or that: Cats or dogs? Coffee or tea? Physical book or e-book? SFF or contemporary? Ect. 
  • Growing up did you know you wanted to become a writer or was it not until you were older did you realize? 
  • Why did you decided to go this way in publishing vs another? (traditional publishing vs. indie or vice versa.)

At the end of the day you shouldn't stress interviews too much. They are fun for the author, blogger and the reader! In the six years of blogging we've done hundreds of interviews and it is always fun. Not everyone needs to be serious. Remember, your favorite author? They are people too! (and I say this as the blogger that still gets tongue tied when communicating with authors.) 

Sending tons of hugs to all who struggle with this! I hope this little guide helps and makes coming up with interview questions or at least thinking about them a little easier! 

Talk to me! Have you ever interviewed an author before? How did it go? Do you have a favorite question to ask? I'd love to know!


  1. Amber! This was incredible and so so helpful! Honestly, coming up with interview questions is the number one thing I struggle with. I want to do interviews but they’re so hard for me. Thank you for helping make it easier!!

  2. I definitely took notes from this post! SO SO SO helpful!
    My favorite question to ask: tell us one completely random fact/story about yourself. I've gotten some super fun answers!!!


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