My Final Words as A Book Brat... (Amber's Farewell Post)

I've dreaded writing this post for months, and I think that is why I have put it off for so long. As of now, I am leaving The Book Bratz. I knew that this point was going to come one day, but I wasn't expecting it so soon.  

I want to thank Jessica and Emily for being the best co-bloggers a girl can ask for. If it wasn't for you both we would have never made it this far. Just to think, that four years ago I sent Jessica a text about starting a blog. We were sophomores in high school and now we are about to be sophomores in college. I'll always be proud of the progress and growth we made in all this time, the friends and connections we made, and the thousands of readers world wide that we have reached. These last four years are always going to hold a special place in my heart, and I hope you both can say the same. All the memories, remember our first BookCon? Our first review? All the squealing when we were contacted by publishers? My stupid 4 a.m. questions when you guys were trying to sleep  (This part is so incredibly hard to write, I am crying as I write this.) Keep our baby alive girls, you're going to do amazing things with it. 

To all of our readers and followers and friends, thank you. Thank you for welcoming me into the blogging community. Me and Jessica were 16 when we first started blogging, we were pretty much children and the friends we made through the years never once made us feel like we didn't belong. I never blogged for the perks, I blogged because I loved it and I loved having new content for our followers. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the most incredible four years of my life. I'll still be keeping up with all of your blogs. Just not as a blogger anymore. I love all of you, and wish everyone the best on their blogging careers.

Thank you so much to all the Authors I look up to, and always will. In my blogging career I had entered some of the worst points in my life and reading is what got me through it. I was able to relate to characters and the writing. I finally felt like I wasn't a lone. All the adventures, and the romances and saving the world I've experienced through these words will stick with me forever. A million times thank you. 

I am officially crying now as I type. This isn't a goodbye, this is a see you later. 

Lots of love and a ton of hugs, signing off for the final time


  1. I wish you all the best, and I hope we can indeed "see you later"!

  2. *hugs* I'm glad blogging was so great for you and good luck with whatever you're doing next!


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