The College Diaries: Finally Home For The Summer!

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You guys, I'm so close. The moment is almost here. This time tomorrow I'll be packing up and heading back home for the summer, and I'll officially have survived my first year of college! As much as I'll miss all of my friends I made here and this absolutely amazing school and beautiful campus, I'm more than ready for a summer filled with relaxing, reading, and soaking up lots of sun without a term paper in sight.

One of the hardest things about being away for school for this entire year was that it was really hard to have any free time for myself, let alone any time to read or write. I noticed that whenever I did manage to have a sliver of free time (which was really rare), I more often than not just ended up closing my eyes and falling asleep and just appreciating the few moments where I had nothing on my agenda. Being constantly busy left me with no desire to do anything other than just sit and relax in the few minutes of nothingness that I would occasionally have. Of course, this means that I literally had zero motivation to read. One of the worst parts about college is that you feel absolutely guilty whenever you take any time to do something that isn't work -- so yes, I was feeling overwhelming amounts of anxiety and guilt even while I was taking a freaking shower because those were precious moments wasted that I could be doing work. So that part of college definitely sucked.

Now that summer is so close, I'm looking forward to relaxing while also being super productive. I now have three months to go to work and make some money, enjoy some time in the sunshine, and read as many books as possible! I'll also be able to work with Amber and Emily to make the changes and touch-ups our blog needs while we're all home together (they stayed home for school, which makes it very hard for the three of us to ever meet up and get anything done, because whenever I come home for a weekend to visit I'm running around catching up with everyone). So this is going to be a great summer, guys. This blog is about to get ten times better, and there's so much time to read and relax and enjoy the weather without homework to do, and not to mention BOOKCON! Will I be seeing any of you there?

If you were away for college this year (or have ever been at any point in your life), can you relate to what I'm saying, or am I just totally over-stressed and this is a problem that's unique to me? Comment down below!

Here's to a great Summer of 2017, and plenty of reading time!

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