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The Book Bratz is a family friendly (PG-13) blog. When requests are open we will only accept Young Adult and some New Adult (i.e. non erotica) novels for review. 

Authors: If you are interested in a promo/review on The Book Bratz please make sure to include in your e-mail: (1) Book Cover (2) Book Summary (3) Link to Goodreads. Due to our busy schedules we can't accept every request, but we will try our hardest to work something out with you! 
Publishers: Though we have busy schedules we will work something out in order to work with you. Even if our review requests are closed we consider every book offered to us for review (Indie author included)  

Review Requests are Currently OPEN, BUT LIMITED*

*We are currently undergoing a significant college/blog-related haul and therefore reserve the right to deny any review requests that we feel we do not have time for.

First of all, what are we interested in reading?

Our blog is run by two co-owners, Amber and Jessica, which means that there are always two people on hand waiting to accept review requests. If an ARC or previously published work doesn't appeal to one of us, it may appeal to the other. However, please read each of our requirements below before sending in your review request. We are a Young-Adult based blog, and Young-Adult based books will be our main (keyword: main) interest in reviewing.

Our interests:

  • Young Adult
  • Contemporary
  • Romance
  • Fantasy
  • Thriller
  • High Fantasy
  • Mystery 
  • Paranormal

Other important rules and guidelines that you should know:

1. Any authors or publishers that repeatedly send us a review request that we feel is becoming harassment or spam will have their review requests deleted and ignored. If the harassment continues, the author/publisher will be blocked and forbidden from submitting any more review requests in the future.

2. Authors that respond negatively to the published reviews of the books sent to us will be forbidden from submitting any more review requests in the future. It's okay to disagree with us, but it is not okay to attack us. Your book is being sent to us in exchange for an honest review. We will not be brutal, but we will be honest.

*3.* Authors that submit review requests are giving their consent in knowing that the opinions and thoughts of their work expressed in the reviews published here are the opinions and thoughts of the bloggers/reviewers and only the bloggers/reviewers. 

4. All works submitted to us must be in fluent English.

5. Authors will not be sent a draft copy of the review before it is published.

6. Here at The Book Bratz we guarantee that a review of a submitted piece of work will definitely be posted no later than two months after the review is accepted.

7. All links to all reviews will be Tweeted as they are published.

8. Commenting on a blog post does NOT count as submitting a review request.

9. The reviews expressed by the bloggers will be honest and will have both the positives of the book and the negatives, if we have any. 

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