Review: Scarlet

Title: Scarlet
Author: Marissa Meyer
Rating: ★★★
 (4/5 Stars)
Hardcover, 452 Pages
Published February 2013

Book #2 in The Lunar Chronicles

A lot of people weren't pleased with this book, but I actually was. It had my attention the whole time. Some people were saying that it just didn't catch their attention, but like I said--it was the complete opposite for me!

I'd read Cinder, the first book in The Lunar Chronicles, last year. So when I started Scarlet, I was a bit weary because it'd been awhile since I read from this series and I wasn't sure if I'd remember everything from Cinder, or I'd be completely lost.

Thankfully, I wasn't. This book didn't pick up exactly where Cinder ended, but it's totally okay because we start from Scarlet's point of view. (Quick note: The whole story is told in 3rd person omniscient point of view.)

So, a quick plot summary for all of you: Cinder has been thrown in jail for defying the Lunar Queen Levana. Halfway across the world, Scarlet Benoit's grandmother has just done missing. The police are chalking it up to Scarlet's grandmother running away, but Scarlet is positive that isn't the case. However, through a shocking turn of events, Scarlet finds out that her grandmother kept a lot of big secrets from her, especially some regarding the missing Lunar princess, Selene...

So can Scarlet really trust her missing grandmother at all anymore?

So how do I feel? I really liked this book. I finished it in a little over 24 hours. I started it on Sunday morning, and I finished it on Monday night. There were no (in my opinion) slow and/or boring parts of the book. There was always something going on, and my attention was always captured. I'd have to force myself to put the book down when I started going cross-eyed. Even then, I only took about a half-hour break before I found myself picking the book up again!

The only reason that I gave this book four stars instead of five is the fact that certain scenes of the book sort of annoyed me--no, not really annoyed...more like left me hanging. And on this blog, the definition of 4 stars is "A definite must-read," which I totally agree with! If you haven't gotten your hands on Scarlet yet, definitely pick it up! But make sure you read Cinder first, or you'll be totally lost!

All in all, big round of applause for Meyer (No, not Stephanie--Marissa!) for pulling off another great book.

I can't wait for the last two installments of The Lunar Chronicles, which will be Cress in 2014 and Winter in 2015. I'll definitely be checking those out, too!

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