NaNoWriMo Progress Post!

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Hey guys! Jessica here. We're about halfway through National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo), so I decided to check in and update everybody on my progress. (And if you're wondering what NaNoWriMo is or how I started off this project, you can check out my previous check-in post here.)

So, as for the quick update on my progress. I was expecting to be able to dedicate a lot more time to writing, but being that I'm in college, I'm not making nearly as much progress and I hoped I would. I'm still confident that I'll win this year and finish on time, but it'll definitely require a lot more work on my part.

What's frustrating is that it's not because I'm too "lazy" to write. I went home a few times throughout the past few weeks for family obligations, and I've been swamped with a lot of homework and papers for my classes. So I've been finishing homework so late in the night that can barely keep my head up, let alone work on my writing. But after looking back at the progress I've made so far, I'm definitely going to schedule a much more rigid time frame for me to get my writing accomplished. Because if there's one thing I'm not, it's a quitter.

So I just need to figure out how to make more time for my writing. I think I'll have to start waking up earlier in the day (because most of my classes are late in the afternoon and at night), and I can get more homework done quicker so I'll have more time to work on my writing at night. I'm also horribly stuck with the ending of my book and not sure where I want to go with that, so I'm running out of time and definitely need to figure that out soon.

So, that's just my brief check in regarding NaNoWriMo. If you're participating, comment down below and let me know your progress also! Are you doing as well as you expected? Better? Worse? 

Also, any tips on how I myself can make more time for my writing during my busy college schedule would be greatly appreciated, so if you've got any of those, drop them down below in the comments section!

And now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to buckle down and tackle my writing for tonight!

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