April 2021 Blogging Recap

It's time for our April 2021 blogging recap! The weather's getting warmer, which means more time for reading outside, which we LOVE. We've been feeling pretty productive! So without further ado, let's take a peek into all of the things we accomplished on the blog this month:

In April...

....We reviewed tons of great books!
Check out our review archive to see what reviews we added this month! We've been breaking out of our reading slumps as the weather gets nicer, so we've been able to read and review more and more great books!

....We interviewed some 2021 debut authors!
This month, we interviewed Erica GeorgeMiel Moreland, Casie Bazay, Sarah Dass, and Daniel Aleman!
....We caught up with Paper Lanterns! 
A year ago, we interviewed Paper Lanterns, an up-and-coming YA literary journal. One year later, we touched base to see just how much they've grown! You can check out our talk with them here.

....We talked about writing motivation! 
In this post, Jessica contemplated the question of why seeing people in movies and TV shows write their books makes her more inspired to write her own. What are your thoughts on the topic? Comment down below!

....We showcased some springtime covers that we love! 
You can check out our roundup here!

What was your favorite thing that we did on the blog this month? What are your recommendations for future posts/reviews? Comment down below and let us know! :-)

Now it's time for May, which means BEACH READING TIME!!! 

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