Review: Gmorning, Gnight!: Little Pep Talks for Me & You by Lin-Manuel Miranda and Jonny Sun

Title: Gmorning, Gnight!: Little Pep Talks for Me & You
Author: Lin-Manuel Miranda & Jonny Sun
Publisher: Random House
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Hardcover, 207 Pages
Published October 2018

Summary: Before he inspired the world with Hamilton and was catapulted to international fame, Lin-Manuel Miranda was inspiring his Twitter followers with words of encouragement at the beginning and end of each day. He wrote these original sayings, aphorisms, and poetry for himself as much as for others. But as Miranda's audience grew, these messages took on a life on their own. Now, at the request of countless fans, Miranda has gathered the best of his daily greetings into a beautiful collection illustrated by acclaimed artist (and fellow Twitter favorite) Jonny Sun. Full of comfort and motivation, Gmorning, Gnight! is a touchstone for anyone looking for a lift.

When I first heard that this book was going to be a thing, I knew it was something that I wanted to read. It's been awhile since I've read any sort of motivational book, and reading one by two of my favorite people made it even more exciting. I have so many amazing things to say about this book that I'm sure I could ramble on forever -- so without further ado, let's get into my review!

As the summary explains, we all know about Lin-Manuel Miranda's famous Tweets that he posts at the beginning and the end of each day -- little words of encouragement to get you through the day and to help you sleep well at night. I've been a huge fan of them for awhile, and I'm also a huge fan of Jonny Sun, Twitter extroadinaire (you can read my review of his book here!), so I was practically over the moon with excitement when I found out that they were going to partner together for this book. Lin's Tweets and Jonny's illustrations? Sign me up! So of course I had to add it to my Christmas wish list, and I was so excited to unwrap it! 

You guys, I absolutely loved this book and I couldn't put it down. There were so many inspirational, heartwarming, and even funny messages to help me start and end my day properly. I read this entire book with a stack of tiny sticky note flags next to me, marking some Tweets that stood out to me that I know I want to read again later. The book is literally COVERED in page flags because I love them all and they all just make my heart feel so warm and happy. Seriously. This book is SO incredibly good for my mental state. I didn't even know I needed it until I opened it and started reading, and now I can't imagine myself functioning without its wisdom.

Another thing that I really loved about this book was how it was such a quick, easy read. It was 200 pages, but I managed to sit down and finish the entire thing in less than half an hour because there's only one Tweet (so, like, no more than 4 lines) per page. It was such a quick read that I was left feeling so happy and warm inside that I knew I wanted to keep reading the messages inside of it -- which is why I decided that every morning and night, I'm going to open the book up to a random page and read one of the Tweets, to keep me motivated and to help me unwind after a long day. As a busy college student who is constantly stressed (and who is also going through a rough semester away from the love of her life for five whole months), finding something so little but adorable that made me smile and kept me going is something I really appreciate and it's really important to me.

Overall, I absolutely loved Gmorning, Gnight, and I'd definitely recommend it to everyone reading this review (yes, this means you!). It was a super quick read, and it leaves your heart feeling really warm and happy inside. I'm so glad that I got this book for Christmas, and I can't wait to pick it up every single morning when I wake up and every single night before I close my eyes, reading a few lines of a heartwarming message to give me the encouragement and love I need to keep going. I sincerely can't thank Lin-Manuel and Jonny enough for this, and I'm so glad that they came together for this project. This book has definitely improved my life in a variety of ways!

Waiting On Wednesday: Immunity by Erin Bowman

"Waiting On Wednesday" is a weekly meme hosted by Breaking The Spine where we highlight some of the upcoming books we can't wait to read! 


Title: Immunity (Contagion #2)
Author: Erin Bowman
Genre: Science Fiction, Horror 
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publication Date: July 2nd 2019
Hardcover, 368 pages

Survivors of a deadly planetary outbreak take on a new, sinister adversary in the white-knuckle sequel to Contagion, which New York Times bestselling author Amie Kaufman called “gripping, thrilling and terrifying in equal measures.” They thought their nightmare was over, but Thea, Coen, and Nova’s rescue was only the beginning. After being imprisoned on a ship they thought was their ticket to safety, it’s clear that the threat they left behind isn’t as distant as they’d hoped—and this time the entire galaxy is at risk. Now that threat is about to be unleashed as an act of political warfare. To prevent an interstellar catastrophe, the survivors must harness the evil they faced on the planet Achlys and learn to wield the only weapon they have left: themselves. The first installment in Erin Bowman’s duology earned a starred review from Publishers Weekly, who called the plot “intricate and action-packed,” and fans of Jonathan Maberry, Rick Yancey, and Madeline Roux will relish in Bowman’s tense, high-stakes conclusion to the events of Contagion.

I loved Contagion so so so much and even recommended it about ten thousand times to my non-reader of a boyfriend (who still has yet to indulge me in reading it!) But I am so excited to see what Bowman has in store for these characters next since the shocking ending of Contagion. 

What are you waiting on this week? Leave your links so we can stop back!

8 of the Most Beautiful Tapestries in the World! (Part of the TAROT blog tour by Marissa Kennerson!

Today we are super excited to be a part of the TAROT blog tour! Thank you so much again to Penguin Teen for reaching out to us about this amazing opportunity. In a world where Anna was born by a forbidden union, she is locked in a tower and is promised to be released on her sixteenth birthday. Anna creates beautiful and unique tapestries of creators and dreamers, which is the exact opposite of what the King believes in. For our blog tour stop we decided to do a list of 8 of the most famous and beautiful tapestries in the world! 

1. Apocalypse Tapestry (1377-1382)

2. Boar and Bear Hunt, The Devonshire Hunting Tapestries, late 1420s

3. The Hunt of the Unicorn, The Start of the Hunt, circa 1500

4. The Lady and the Unicorn, Late 15th Century 

5. Bayeux Tapestry (1470s)

(This is just one scene from the tapestry, we couldn't find a picture of the whole thing sadly.) 

6. The Miraculous Draught of Fishes, early 18th Century

7. Holy Grail Tapestries, 1898–99

8. We Are Living on a Star, 1958

Aren't all of those tapestries beautiful? We aren't historians by an means so the dates and the names may not be 100% correct, but we did try are best to cross check them with multiple sources!

Publisher:  Razorbill
Publication Date: February 19th 2019
Summary: Anna was never supposed to exist. Born of a forbidden union between the Queen and the tyrannical King’s archnemesis, Anna is forced to live out her days isolated in the Tower, with only her mentors and friends the Hermit, the Fool, and the Magician to keep her company. To pass the time, Anna imagines unique worlds populated by creatives and dreamers—the exact opposite of the King’s land of fixed fates and rigid rules—and weaves them into four glorious tapestries. But on the eve of her sixteenth birthday and her promised release from the Tower, Anna discovers her true lineage: She’s the daughter of Marco, a powerful magician, and the King is worried that his magical gifts are starting to surface in Anna. Fearing for her life, Anna flees the Tower and finds herself in Cups, a lush, tropical land full of all the adventure, free-spiritedness, and creativity she imagined while weaving. Anna thinks she’s found paradise in this world of beachside parties, endless food and drink, and exhilarating romance. But when the fabric of Cups begins to unravel, Anna discovers that her tapestries are more than just decoration. They’re the foundation for a new world that she is destined to create—as long as the terrors from the old world don’t catch up with her first.
Order TAROT: Amazon | Book DepositoryB&NIndigo

About Melissa: 

Marissa Kennerson received her B.A. in English literature from the University of California, Berkeley. Before earning her master's degree in psychology and art therapy, she worked for Wired and Glamour. She's the author of the YA cult-suspense novel, The Family, which she did not write from personal experience, since the only cult she's ever been in is the cult of YouTube makeup tutorials. She lives in California with her husband and son. Visit her at or follow her @MarissaAlexK.


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