Review: When First Impressions Are More Than Everything by Amelia Faith

Title: When First Impressions Are More Than Everything
Author: Amelia Faith
Rating: ★★
 (5/5 Stars)
Published on Amazon through CreateSpace
Sequel to When Everyone Thinks You're Gone


Ladies and gentlemen, Amelia Faith has done it again. And I'm going to just say something right now that goes against everything I believe in, especially since I am an incredibly dedicated John Green fan, but...

The Fault in Our Stars has NOTHING on this book.

Yes, I just compared a new teenage author's work to a highly acclaimed novel by popular author John Green...and I still think that When First Impressions Are More Than Everything will make you cry harder.

Here's what it's about, for any of you who don't already know:

"If you thought all the drama in Sixteen Cities, Wyoming was over... you thought absolutely wrong. In just a short six months, Charlotte Winters and Emmett Garrison will finally be married. Everything seems to be going smoothly and for once, Charlotte feels like she may be able to have a normal life ahead of her with her true love by her side. But things aren't settling down that quickly for these two young lovers. In fact, things are just starting up. Between uncovering a dirty secret from her father's past and then coping with Emmett's unexpected news from above on top of planning the biggest day of her life, Charlotte's about to get a lot on her plate and fast. As for Ainslie? She's going through something all her own; something that she had vowed she would never let happen to her again, and all because she refused to believe that someone could really care about her. Secrets unravel and truths are spoken in this sequel to Amelia Faith's debut novel that explores the concept that everything you see and know... may not be all it seems to be."

Even reading the description after I've already finished this book (which took me about 8 hours to do) still makes me all jittery. I can openly admit how hard I cried for WETYG, especially in the ending when *spoiler alert* Justin gave Emmett the ring inscribed, "Take care of my girl."


Amelia Faith still wows me with her writing abilities when she's the same age that I am. I mean, wow. She has such an incredible talent, and she should definitely stick to writing. The way she portrays her characters is just incredible--no matter how much you may dislike them (like I disliked Emmett in the first book for stealing Charlotte from Justin), you'll fall in love with them either way. (...This part is also true.)

Even the drama with Ainslie, Spike, and Emmett's brother (whose name I do not feel like searching for in the book right now) kept me drawn to the story and eager to keep reading.

(The next part contains lots of spoilers, so look away if you have to...)

Now, onto two hot topics that I'm just DYING to discuss:

#1: Justin is a FATHER?! (Well, was a father??) Oh my god, as soon as I read this part I dropped my iPad and started freaking the heck out. I'm not ashamed to say I'm Team Justin--so reading that he'd done such a thing with such a snotty character makes my heart break. And how could he keep that from Charlotte from all of these years? HOW?????

#2: Emmett and Charlotte are finally married. I have to say something and get all of my fangirling out before I finish talking about this topic, so:


I LOVE EMMETT AND CHARLOTTE GETTING MARRIED SO MUCH. Their wedding day was absolutely perfect and as much as I love Emmett, I still wish Justin could have stayed...and not leave forever. :-(

I'm so, so sad that there won't be another book coming after this one. Amelia Faith is an excellent writer, and that's all there really is left to say. (Well, that's not true. Even though Emmett has proven to be amazing, I will always, ALWAYS be Team Justin.)

There. Now I'm done. If you'll excuse me, I'm going to go hunt for some tissues to dry up my tears.

*Pathetic sniffle*

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