Review: Twisted Games by Sarah J. Pepper (ARC review)

Title: Twisted Games (Book #1 in The Fate Trilogy)
Author: Sarah J. Pepper
Genre: Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, God, Goddess
Page Count: 369
Publisher: Neximus Publishing

For years, deities searched for the Fate Sisters, but they weren't alone in the pursuit. Their biggest rivals, the Hunters, sought the sisters as well. It was a sick, demented race of who could find them first… and then kill them. Gwyneth trusted no one, not even her beloved, Jace. For if he knew what she had planned, he’d be her greatest enemy.


Twisted Games takes off several months after the first book end. Gwyneth can see, well she sees deities in full vibrant color, hunters in pastels  and mortals in black and white, but she can see. Her and Jace are now in a relationship. 

The main objection in this book is for the deities to find the two other Fate sisters. If they do, I am not going to spoil that. But believe me the book has a strong beginning, middle and end. 

"What was on the note Levi gave you?"
"Ask him," I said.
"I did!" Jace yelled "He wasn't particularly forthcoming"
"Maybe you just didn't ask him nicely."
"What! Was! On! That! Note!"

Jace. I love him but he has a bit of an anger disorder. Especially when it involves being in Gwyneth's life.  He wants to control her and of course be part of her life but can't. Gwyenth begins to suffer from the Craves. Were a human becomes addicted to the effect a diety has on them. And when the diety isn't around the human can't function. Gwenyth in her past life taught Jace about free will, thus creating the problem he faces when Gwenyth becomes an addict. 

Also. A new hunter comes to light. One that I was not expecting to turn out to be a bad guy at all. Especially how much this one person means to someone she loves. Of course this doesn't make Jace happy, and the fact that a human boy has taken interest in her. I can say much with out spoiling it but angry Jace equals amazingly sexy Jace. (Just sayin')

According to Jace humans are weak. Until he experiences the Craves himself. 

"If you can overcome these desires every time you see me, then the humans are stronger that I have given them credit for," Jace said in a strained voice. "I need some air....and away from you when there is a bed near by." 
I think I stared at that line for five minutes. They are both need each other and crave each other. But then they fight and tear each other apart? I have to say, relationships seem pretty difficult.  I can say that I was hoping they would sleep together and see eye to eye finally but nope. 

Writing this review it took me about an hour to reword this. What happens is a book like this I am afraid of spoiling. So I am going to finish my review off with my thoughts. 

I really enjoyed this book. It falls in place better then the first one did and I found myself laughing through out. One quote stood out to me though:

"Love is just another word to describe slavery," I said. "It ties you to a person, forever binding you. It makes you act foolishly. It's impulsive. It meddles with other emotions, like hate. Worst of all, love blinds, and right now I'm desperate to see the truth."

Now, I am only 15 but I have had boy trouble. And yet love does bind you and make you do stupid things. I think Sarah hit that dead on. 

Another thought. Jace! I want to marry him, he is literally perfect, over protective, and funny. Everything I look for in a guy. Well a fictional guy that is. (Bad luck in the real boy department) 

I am eager for the third book to come out. When it does I am going to be the very first person to buy it (well maybe no the first but on the first day it comes out.) If Sarah keeps up what she has going the third book in the series will be amazingly stunning. The cover's also. All amazing. The books are flawless and I might die waiting for the third. 


I received an ARC e-book copy of this book from the author herself in exchange for a review.

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