Let's Talk...: Q&A with Amber & Jess!

Q&A with Amber & Jess!

We've come to realize that though we post every day, we never really talk about ourselves and our lives outside of blogging. So we decided to do a little Q&A with each other! (And if you're interested in learning more about us, you can check out our sections on our About Us tab.) Since this blog is practically a part of who we are, we decided we are going to talk more about ourselves today!

So we each asked each other 7 questions about our co-blogger and had each other answer them. Let's see what we had to say! (This should be especially interesting since we know everything about each other, anyway!

Amber's Q&A with Jessica!

Amber: You know this is incredibly hard right? I already know a lot about you, how about we start off with your age?

Jessica: I'm sixteen years old, turning seventeen in a few months. :D (And so are you, since we're only ten days apart.)

Amber: How do you handle high school and blogging full time? 

Jessica: I'm honestly surprised that I even do. I don't have much reading time during the week with my five million extracurricular activities, but I try to read for at least a half hour every night if I can. And I binge-read and write reviews and take care of blog stuff (like setting up interviews and scheduling and the like) on the weekends so it's all set and ready to go during the week and I don't have to spend so much time taking care of it.

Amber: Are your parents supportive of our blog? I know mine think it is just a phase..

Jessica: My parents are actually really supportive of the blog. They think it's a great pastime for me, and since I want a Creative Writing degree and to work in the publishing industry, something like this is a golden ticket to get in. It's a great experience and they love it too.

Amber: You're in the middle of revising your second novel, tell us a bit about that? Do you plan on self publishing again?

Jessica: I think for my second book, yeah, I want to self-publish. I don't have time to send this around to a publisher, being that I need two published books on my transcript for when I apply to college in November. After that, though, I'm going to see where my luck takes me with some publishing houses.

Amber: Share a funny memory between us, what is the funniest thing that I do? 

Jessica: You are ALWAYS BROKEN, Amber. Always a foot injury or a leg injury or an ankle injury or you're sick. It's pretty funny now. That's why for Christmas I got you a bookmark of Mr. Bump. Because you're pretty accident-prone. xD

Amber: How is blogging with me? Don't lie, I know I am a handful and a half to deal with. 

Jessica: I love it! You're a speed-reader, which makes up for the slow reading I have to do during the school year. I wouldn't be abl
e to blog without you. Plus, you're an HTML coding wizard and I know next to NOTHING about that. You keep this blog up and running. Couldn't do it without you, girl! You're the best co-blogger a girl could have. <3 (It makes up for you being broken all of the time.)

Amber: Is there anything really exciting coming up in your life in the next few months? 

Jessica: Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, BEA 2015. And my 17th birthday. And getting a car. And going to Hawaii!!! Now that you mention it, I do have some busy upcoming months. 0.0

Jessica's Q&A with Amber!

Jessica: To start off, is there anything exciting coming up in your life in the next few months?

Amber: BEA! Well most likely BEA, it is hard convincing my parents to let me miss three days of school. (I have horrible attendence to begin with) Blue & Gold is coming up in a few months, I am very excited about that. (Blue & Gold is a HUGE dance competion that our school puts on) 

Jessica: What do you want to do when you get older? What are your aspirations?

Amber: You mean besides sleeping my college years away? Umm, I think I want to go into the publishing bussiness. Originally I wanted to be a doctor, but my failing grades in math easily proved that to be a bad idea. 

Jessica: In your opinion, what's our funniest moment together?

Amber: One Word: AUTOCORRECT. Damn, I laugh until I can't breathe sometimes. 

Jessica: What are some of your favorite pastimes besides reading and working on the blog? (I know, this is a tough one! xD)

Amber: Sleeping. I come home from school almost everyday and take a nap. I also fall alseep in school. It is a very bad habit actually. 

Jessica: Favorite food and why?

Amber: I don't know. I'm on a diet, anything that isn't green is my favorite right now. I would have to say lobster tails (the pastry) though. They are so flakey and yummy. Now I want one...

Jessica: What's your favorite class in school? What class do you do the best in (it may not necessarily be your favorite class), and what class do you do the worst in?

Amber: Enlgish is my favorite class, it is also the class I am doing best in. Chemistry is a very sad story though. It is probably best if I don't get into it. 

Jessica: Excited to graduate high school or sad to leave? Why?

Amber: I haven't even looked at college yet. I think I am a bit of both. It is a bitter sweet feeling at this point in time. 

Well, hopefully you guys enjoyed us sharing a little bit of insight on what our personal lives are like! Do you have any questions for us, or anything to comment on with what we answered? Tell us in the comments below! :-)


  1. It was great getting to know a lil bit more about you both! And I hope we can meet for BEA!!

  2. I actually really enjoyed reading this. I think it's because you two are SUCH great friends and i totally shows. It was pretty heartwarming to read and I found myself smiling like a child. <333


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