Event Recap: Jomny Sun Book Signing!


So if any of you guys follow our Twitter (which we hope you are!), you'll know that we are huge fans of author Jonny (aka Jomny) Sun, the Twitter extraordinaire that happened to write a super adorable and heartwarming book, which I reviewed a few months ago.

So, needless to say, I was super excited when I found out that this book tour was happening -- and not only was the New York stop the first one on the tour, but it was also on the book's release day, which made is extra special. Needless to say, it was a really special and important day for both the book and for Jomny himself -- and I was so excited to be a part of it! So I gathered my boyfriend and a couple of our friends, we got our tickets (way back in April!), and we went off to the city on the book's release day event, and boy, what an event it was!

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We got to the city a little bit early that day to just enjoy the day as a whole, and I knew the day was going to be off to a great start when we got a fantastic lunch, spent some time exploring, and even ran into Ansel Elgort on the street! (And, unfortunately, I was too nervous to ask for a picture. Which I'm seriously regretting now.) 

And then, finally, after a whole day in the city, it was finally time to go see Jomny! We ended up getting on line super early so we could get good seats, and we were within the first handful of people admitted to the event. (You guys know that I go hard on lines if you've met me at BookCon!) We got great seats, copies of the book to get signed, and my boyfriend even ended up being one of the few lucky people who got a signed printout from the book! (Still not sure how that happened, but we were all jealous of him.)

And if you were at the event, you'd recognize him as the guy who brought a life-sized Jomny mask to the event -- the remanants of his college-budget Halloween costume, of course! Jomny and the rest of the crowd seemed to think it was great, and I even tried it on myself while we were waiting to be let in to the event, so there were laughs all around.

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Then the best part happened -- after an absolutely brilliant introduction by poetess Sarah Kay, Jomny came out and did an hour-long event in which he talked about his experience writing the book, answered questions from the crowd, and even did a read-along! We all read the first few pages of the book together, narrated by Jomny, and it was just so freaking adorable and I was smiling the whole time. 

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And as the most perfect way to end the day, my boyfriend, our friend, and I all re-read the book (several times!) on the way home, and there were laughs and smiles all around. The book seriously was such an uplifting read for me and it's such a quick and easy read, which is perfect for reading it time and time (and time) again. It's super uplifting and makes you contemplate life and the world -- and even your own friends -- and it's seriously just a breath of fresh air that everybody needs. Not only is Jomny such a great and kind person, but it really shines through in his book, and you can tell just how much work he put into it, and if you're a true Jomny fan, you'll even recognize a few of his famous Tweets sprinkled throughout the book!

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(Yeah yeah, I get it, I get really red and flustered and nervous around meeting people. I only wanted to die of embarrassment a little bit this time, though!) 

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This was such an incredible experience and definitely the most fun I've had meeting an author ever, which is saying a lot because we have met quite a few throughout the years! He even remembered our blog when I went up to get my book signed -- which was incredibly impressive and awesome, and then he asked for a hug, and I was just so happy and touched. You guys, Jomny is seriously one of the nicest guys around. He really is.

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And like I've said a million times before, guys, if Jomny's book isn't on your TBR list already, it most definitely needs to be.

And, saving the best for last, my boyfriend made an incredible video about our day in the city for the signing -- check it out!

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