College Diaries: The semester is over!

Dance it out, the semester is over!

Hey guys! It's Emily and believe it or not, I made it through my first semester of my sophomore year without dissolving into a puddle. Sure the end of the semester, as well as finals week, was a punch to the stomach, the semester was overall no too bad (thank the heavens). It had its ups and downs, but I really enjoyed my classes. 

Even though this semester was a lot of work, I actually really enjoyed it. Sounds crazy, I know. My classes were all really interesting, and when it comes to my grades, I get a bit crazy making sure they're exactly where they need to be. Luckily, I'm 99.9% positive I was able to get my GPA up to where I need it to be. It's been a bit of a challenge preparing for nursing school. I haven't even gotten into a program yet and I'm already studying like crazy. I'm crossing my fingers I hear back soon. 

I'm looking forward to the spring semester, seeing as it'll be my last semester at Farmingdale, although I do have to take a summer class in order to complete the credits for my Associates degree. I finally get to take Anatomy and Physiology and I couldn't be more excited. I also get to take a YA lit class and I'm over the moon that my school actually offers a class like that. Now, please wish me luck as I attempt to take an intro to drawing class. Hopefully my professor will have some type of heart and accept my stick figure art.

Between work and school, I think we all deserve a nice break. It'll be nice to spend these next few weeks baking for family parties and reading as much as possible. Be sure to spend plenty of time with family, as well as curled up with a fuzzy blanket and a good book! Also, good luck to anyone finishing up the semester! 

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  1. Glad to hear you had a good semester! That's so awesome that you're going to be taking a YA lit class! That's going to be like getting class credit for what you already do! And have fun taking that drawing class! I go to art school so I've taken my fair share of drawing classes -- they're super fun, especially class critiques!


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