ARC Review: Rogue Princess by B.R. Myers

Title: Rogue Princess 
Author: B.R. Myers
Genre: Sci-fi, Retellings, Romance
Source: ARC via Swoon Reads
Publisher: Swoon Reads
Publication Date: January 21st 2020

A princess fleeing an arranged marriage teams up with a snarky commoner to foil a rebel plot in B. R. Myers' Rogue Princess, a gender-swapped sci-fi YA retelling of Cinderella. Princess Delia knows her duty: She must choose a prince to marry in order to secure an alliance and save her failing planet. Yet she secretly dreams of true love, and feels there must be a better way. Determined to chart her own course, she steals a spaceship to avoid the marriage, only to discover a handsome stowaway. All Aidan wanted was to “borrow” a few palace trinkets to help him get off the planet. Okay, so maybe escaping on a royal ship wasn’t the smartest plan, but he never expected to be kidnapped by a runaway princess! Sparks fly as this headstrong princess and clever thief battle wits, but everything changes when they inadvertently uncover a rebel conspiracy that could destroy their planet forever.

***Thank you so much to Swoon Reads for the review copy of ROGUE PRINCESS in exchange for an honest review!***

From the moment I laid eyes on Rogue Princess and read the summary I was sold. A gender bent, sci-fi, Cinderella retelling? Umm, YES PLEASE! I am really in love with the character art on this cover, I think it captures the vibes of this book perfectly and is so eye catching. Rogue Princess was such a fun read that was full of twists and turns and a plot twist that you will never see coming! Rogue Princess if perfect for of the Cinder Chronicles, Cinderella and Science fiction fans alike. 

Princess Delia knows that she must marry to save her dying planet, but she is reluctant to. She wants to marry for true love, not for a political alliance. But a princess must do what a princess must do. After her failed mission to run away and meeting the handsome palace chore boy Aidan, things begin to get interesting. The two discover a rebel plot and are in a race against time to stop it. But with so many obstacles standing in their way and so many unexpected events that happen will Delia and Aidan be able to save their beloved planet? 

Rogue Princess is told in both, Delia and Aidan point of views. I loved being able to see the struggles both characters face. Delia's situation reminded me a little bit of The Selection, princes from other planets are competing for her time and attention to become her husband, but Delia is having none of it. Aidan is a chore boy in the palace and steals trinkets to sell to pay for passage off the planet to begin a new life away from his cruel step brothers and step father. He never expected the ship he would be escaping on would be manned by the Princess. I found both characters to be smart and witty. Their personalities and actions seemed to balance each other out and they both wanted to get to the bottom of this rebel plan. 

THAT. PLOT. TWIST. I did not expect it at all. It was so masterfully done and creative and is going to leave you shell shocked. I know I was, I read this book on a road trip and I legit closed the book and stared out the window processing all the epicness. I wish I could say more, but spoilers! You're just going to have to read to find out what I am talking about! 😉

My heart melts for the romance in this novel. This is a Cinderella retelling! Did we not expect for Delia and Aidan to fall in love!? The romance is tender and sweet and brings forth the question of the sacrifices you will make for the person you love. I lived for all of Delia and Aidan's moments and rooted for them from the moment Delia found him on the floor of her ship. 

Overall I can't give Rouge Princess enough praise. I simply love this story so much and has to be one of my favorite Cinderella retellings ever. This book is perfect for those looking for a quick, fun standalone with a romance that is going to make you swoon. I am really looking forward to reading more from B.R. Myers soon! 

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