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Hi there, everyone! Today on the blog, we have a different kind of review for you -- today, I'm going to be reviewing the Netflix film P.S. I Still Love You, also known as the movie remake of the second incredible Jenny Han book in the To All The Boys I've Loved Before series.

For starters -- I looked back at my review of the book version of P.S. I Still Love You, just to see what I thought of the book itself, and what I found really interesting was the fact that a lot of my thoughts about the book translated DIRECTLY over to the movie. I know that that's probably to be expected, since the movie is supposed to be like the book, so duh, why wouldn't my thoughts be the same? But I think we all know that isn't always the case, so it was actually really interesting to read my review again and realize what parts of the story I loved and didn't love so much, and how many of them actually translated over to the new movie.

Okay, so onto the actual review itself: First up is what I liked about the movie! I really, really liked the soundtrack, and I recognized a lot of the songs. It was a nice vibe throughout, and made me feel really good! As for the set and everything, I absolutely adored Lara Jean's room, the colors, her outfits, and the whole cute rom-com feel that the movie gives off. Her family dynamic with her dad and her sisters (well, really just Kitty in this one) are both really cute, too. And Stormy as a character was just as hilarious as I remembered her!

However, there were a few things that I wasn't 100% sold on with the movie as well. This part contains some spoilers, so please skip to the next paragraph if you want to avoid them! For starters, even though Noah Centino was super attractive in this movie, I really wanted her to end up with John Ambrose -- that's one of the things that I noticed that I mentioned in my review of the book years ago, too! I thought he was so sweet, and Peter wasn't awful either, but John Ambrose just loved her so much, and had ALWAYS loved her, and dang it, they deserved to be together!! 

Also, the movie felt like it ended a little bit suddenly, with some things (such as Dr. Covey's plot line) not entirely being wrapped up OR completely explained? I know that it's a movie and that they have to make do with the small time frame they have, but it still felt like such vibrant, exciting parts of the book were missing. There wasn't as much romance or as many swoon-worthy scenes as there were in the books or in the first movie, so that disappointed me a little bit.

Overall, I had a nice night watching P.S. I Still Love You. It was cute, it was sweet, and it kept me totally invested the entire time! Even if the ships didn't pan out the way that I wanted them to. It was still an adorable movie and I had a nice night with some freshly baked cookies, a bottle of wine, and an adorable rom-com! My final verdict is that I'd definitely recommend watching this one -- but make sure you read the books too, because they're a lot more in-depth and even more swoon-worthy!

Did you watch P.S. I Still Love You? What were your thoughts on the movie? Comment down below and let me know!

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