2020 Blogging Recap!

At long last, it's time for our entire 2020 blogging recap! It was quite a year for us, with some of us graduating school, starting graduate school, going back to school, getting awesome internships, and just generally adapting to the chaos that was 2020. But no matter how stressful the year may have been, we're excited to look back on all of the good things that we ended up accomplishing this year. So without further ado, let's take a peek into all of the things we accomplished on the blog in 2020:

In 2020...

....We reviewed tons of great books!
Check out our 2020 review archivereview archive to see what reviews we added this year! We reviewed a lot more than we expected to even with the chaos that was this year, which was really exciting. And now we're excited to start with a fresh new archive page for 2021, with more reviews coming your way soon! :-) 

....We interviewed so many amazing 2020 debut authors!
You can check out their interviews here. It was such an honor to work with so many amazing 2020 debut authors, and we're looking forward to another great year working with 2021 debuts, coming your way soon (with some interviews already up here)! 

....We hosted a giant rom-com giveaway!
In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we teamed up with 12 amazing rom-com debut authors for a MASSIVE giveaway -- even though it's over now, you can always check out the post to see what some of their favorite rom-coms are!

....We used the leap year to our advantage!
Shout-out to an extra day of reading!

....We wrote some more installments of The College Diaries!
We graduated undergrad, started grad school, powered through nursing school, went back to school, and so much more, all in the middle of a pandemic. You can check out all of our updates from this year here!

....We interviewed The Bookshop Project!
We also got the opportunity to interview The Bookshop Project, a blog started by one of our college friends with the mission of interviewing indie bookstores all over the country and all over the world. You can check out our interview with Emma here!

....We hosted our Celebrating Black Writers giveaway!
We teamed up with a member of the YA community to get books into the hands of 5 young Black readers who may need the inspiration right now. Although the giveaway has since ended, you can still read the community member's list of some of their favorite and up-and-coming books by Black writers here!

What was your favorite thing that we did on the blog this year? We can't believe that we still managed to get so much done even when it felt like the world was turning upside down, but here we are, and we're excited for another great year of bookish antics ahead. What are your recommendations for future posts/reviews? Comment down below and let us know! :-)

Happy New Year to all, and see you all in 2021!

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