Why I Chose 2021 as my Year to Mood Read!

I've always wanted to be the kind of book blogger who could just "mood read" But I'd always have so many review copies to get through that I always made sure to put them at the top of my TBR so they would be read and reviewed before their publication date. I am changing that this year! 2021 is a new year and after a year of challenges it is time for something refreshing! 

So, why mood read? 

Well, to me it just makes sense. I'm the type of reader that if I'm not in the mood to read something it is like pulling teeth to get me to do it. Suddenly something that is suppose to be my favorite pass time is becoming a chore and I am avoiding it. When I read something that isn't on my immediate TBR or I wasn't planning on reading in general I find that I enjoy it so much more. Especially as a full time college student, I want my pleasure reading to be fun. 

Well, What about your ARCs? Or Future ARCs? Blog Tours? 

All my review copies will still get read and reviewed, there is no doubt about that. But when? I'll let my mood reading decide that. If I want to read a June release in January I'm not going to stop myself because it is too early. I also plan on limiting the amount of ARCs that I request on NetGalley since those ones tend to pile up really quickly for me. Blog tours are an exception to "I have to read this book" but I don't do blog tours often enough anymore to see this becoming a real issue. 

Okay, so do you have a tentative plan?

I do! Right now it's reread some old favorites, reading books I didn't get to in 2020 and just having a blast while doing it. Currently I am rereading The Host by Stephanie Meyer and I am loving every page of it. Next up? I have no idea. When I get to that bridge I will cross it. My plan is to read 50 books this year, which is a little less then I managed last year. But who knows, this year I may top that! 

Can you share some books you plan on reading? 

Of course! I do have several series in mind already that I to *try* to read this year. 


The Infernal Devices trilogy by Cassandra Clare! I been wanting to read this one forever and never got around to it. I definitely plan on trying to read it this year!


An Ember in the Ashes series by Sabaa Tahir! I read the first two books but never got to the third and with A Sky Beyond the Storm just releasing (and an impulse buy at Target) I am even more eager! 


Legend series by Marie Lu! I read the first two books when I was in high school and loved them! Sadly I never got around to Champion and then severe FOMO hit me when Rebel was released. Time to change that! 


Matched trilogy by Ally Condie! This is one of the series that made me a reader, so I am really excited that I want to revisit it and hopefully I will this year! 

All in all I am excited to see what this years reading journey is going to have in store for me, it is definitely going to be a surprise! But on an end note, if reading ever feels like a chore or becomes unenjoyable because of any reason it is always okay to take a break! 

What are your reading plans for this year? Do you have a strict reading goal or are you going by what your mood is? Let's talk in the comments below! 

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  1. I wish I could mood read. Unfortunately, my mood reading consists of mostly new releases and so I know I will hardly ever pick up anything on my backlist :(

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