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Greetings to all of the book nerds out there. :) Today I'm just writing a small post about something pretty awesome that happened to me yesterday (and yes, it has to do with books).

So yesterday afternoon in class, I signed onto My Miss Literati Account to check on the most recent story that I've been writing, called Switch. I had 15 subscribers. Nothing big, but not exactly that bad for a basically unknown writer, either.

When I got home, I signed on to start writing, so I checked again. My follower account was up to 42 subscribers, and I had a whole swarm of new comments and such from other accounts, raving about my story. My first thought was Hey, this is pretty cool! But then another thought popped up into my mind: Why is everyone noticing my story all of a sudden?

I went to Switch's homepage, and sure enough, there was the pink Miss Lit banner announcing that Switch had won the Reader's Choice Award for this week. I had several reactions at this time:

1) I double, triple, quadruple checked the Miss Lit homepage to make sure that I was actually on my story. Written by me. And sure enough, Switch has the Reader's Choice Award on the Miss Literati.

2) I started dancing around my bedroom like an idiot because A) I'd just won the Reader's Choice Award and B) I was finally getting recognized as a writer.

3) I started texting/Tweeting/posting everywhere about the fact that I won. Not to brag, of course! It was more of a I-Can't-Believe-This-Just-Happened-To-Me moment.

4) I posted an announcement on Switch, thanking everyone for the award and also for being the cause of my terrible victory-dancing.

So after all of that victory stuff was over, I read through all of the comments. Sure enough, people really like my story, which honestly surprises me since I've been a Miss Lit member for years and my stories never became anything big. (Also, my inspiration for Switch hit me when I was playing The Sims, so I really didn't expect it to be that great of a novel.)

As of this morning, I had 63 subscribers on Switch. I keep gaining subscribers and comments like crazy, and it's pretty cool! As of right now, 4:45pm the same day, Switch has 78 subscribers. Read Switch here.

In case you guys were interested, here's the synopsis for Switch:

My real name is Leah. Since I was really little, I’ve been known as Shaylin, Amber, Delilah, Annabel, Sophie and now, Rebekah. No, I’m not a ghost. No, I’m not indecisive. It’s all because of something that my mother did years ago, and I’m afraid that I may have helped her with it.
The police have been looking for us for ten years. Everything’s different now. Once The Thing happened, everything changed.
I’m used to switching.
I’m used to running.
I’m used to moving.
But I’m sick of hiding.
But what’s a fifteen-year-old girl to do?

Hopefully you guys like it as much as the Miss Lit members do!

So, that's really all I had to share today. I just wanted to get my excitement out somewhere, and what better place to do it than a book blog? 

See you all soon!

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