Review: Fuel To The Fire

Title: Fuel To The Fire
Author: David Staniforth
Rating: ★★★(3/5 stars)

Hey there, everyone! Author David Staniforth sent me a copy of his work, Fuel To The Fire, for me to read and review on our blog. Let me start off with a plot summary: 

Having spent her entire life disguised as a boy to avoid being dragged into horrible slavery, Davran gets caught in a sort of earthquake in a cave, which leads her to the world that she was always told about but never thought it was real. In this world, there's sunlight, lots of food and friendly people...basically, this world is the complete opposite of her own. She gets taken in by a retired dragon trainer and soon starts crushing on his soon, Ronyn. When Davran is discovered, she learns that a prophecy proclaims that she'll have to go back to her original world. But will she?


I've never really been gripped by fantasy novels with dragons and witches and magic. *shrugs* I don't know. It's just never gripped me. However, this novel did. I wasn't in total I-Can't-Put-The-Book-Down mode. I kept picking up my iPad and reading whenever I had free time, but it wasn't like I was clearing my schedule to read it. (I'm also swamped with AP Exams. That's another reason). Anyway, Staniforth's writing style is very clear and descriptive. He captures dialogue between characters seamlessly. This story was interested and imaginative, and it didn't follow common, everyday plots.

*Note: I am not a fan of common, everyday plots.


I wasn't entirely keen on the fact that once Davran entered the "other world", we basically forgot about her parents. There were a couple of brief mentions of them trying to dig her out. But according to the story, Davran had been gone for a couple of days already. What I really wanted to know is how Davran's father reacted when he came back from trotting off and couldn't find his daughter. What did he do? How did he know that she was in that cave? According to the story, wasn't the cave a bit of a distance away? In between those few days of Davran originally going missing and the groups of men helping dig through the rubble, what was going on? 

All in all, I liked the book. It kept me entertained. Which is something that a book should definitely do!

Special thanks to David Staniforth for giving me the privilege of reading his book. :)

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