Review: Cally's Secret

Title: Cally's Secret [Originally titled The Thin Blue Line]
Author: Sarah R. Weldon
Rating: ★★★★ (4/5 Stars) 

Let me just start off by saying that I really, really liked this plot. As I constantly mention in my reviews, I'm a big fan of uncommon plots. If it's been done before, I most likely will get bored with it and not want to continue. With Cally's Secret, that wasn't the case!

Just a bit of a plot summary for you (and if it seems hard to follow, that's okay--it's actually a bit hard to explain!): Last December, Cally Walker had a brief, one-night affair with gorgeous, model-like Daniel. Three months later, she's pregnant--with twins, no less! However, her overweight husband Paul thinks that the twins are his--or does he? Cally's best friend Sarah has always wanted to start a family, but she was never able to conceive. Little did she know, her husband Mike got a vasectomy--but why hasn't he ever told her? Mike's also having an affair with a pretty little nurse named Dawn, who all of a sudden gets pregnant. But if Mike had a vasectomy, how is she having a baby?

I really did enjoy this book. I thought that the three different plots (technically four or five, if you count the husbands/love interests) managed to all tie together seamlessly.

However, the only thing that confused me a bit was the dialogue. At certain points, the dialogue was written strangely and I had to go back and reread, otherwise I had absolutely no clue who was talking. It didn't follow a regular dialogue pattern.

I don't have the copy of the story on me to pull out an example right now, but basically it was just seeming very flighty to me. For instance, Sarah would be talking to Daniel, and then all of a sudden, someone else (who isn't named--only sometimes mentioned in a sentence in the dialogue) jumps in and they have a conversation. I don't know, I just felt that I constantly had to go back and reread because in my head, all I was thinking was, "What? Who just said THAT? Wasn't Sarah the one talking?"

Also a slight thing that confused me was that I'm not from England, nor do I speak any French, so 95% of the references made in the story sounded funny/made no sense to me. But that's just because of my location. It was still well-written...or at least, I think it was. *Shrugs* Like I said, I'm not English or French.

So, to sum it all up, I was hooked on this story. I kept planning and scheduling time out of my day so I'd have enough time to read and power through the book. I'd constantly tell Sarah what chapter I was on via Goodreads, and even she (the author!) remarked how quickly I was tearing through it.

I'd definitely recommend Cally's Secret to any girl that wants to read some drama/romance with a pinch of mystery-solving. Bravo, Weldon!

I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got to get going! Special thanks to Sarah Weldon for sending me a copy of this story to read. :-)

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