ARC Review: Contact by Laurisa White Reyes

Title: Contact
Author: Laurisa White Reyes
Genre: Science Fiction, Fantasy 
Publisher: Hallowed Ink Press
Release Date: June 23, 2014

*I received an ARC ebook copy of Contact By Laurisa White Reyes via Netgalley and Hallowed Ink Press in return for an honest review*

Mira wants to die. She’s attempted suicide twice already, and failed. Every time she comes in contact with another person, skin to skin, that person’s psyche uploads into hers. While her psychologist considers this a gift, for Mira, it’s a curse from which she cannot escape.

To make matters worse, Mira’s father is being investigated in the deaths of several volunteer test subjects of a miracle drug. Shortly after Mira’s mother starts asking questions, she ends up in a coma. Although her father claims it was an accident, thanks to her “condition” Mira knows the truth…but proving it just might get her killed!


"It takes only half a second…

…Like those commercials where a crash test dummy rockets forward at high speed and slams into a wall.
…In that instant, every thought in Emma Lynn Walsh’s head collides with mine—every thought, memory, hope, disappointment and dream.
…I open my eyes to see Dr. Walsh peering at me, a puzzled expression on her face.

“Let—go—of—me,” I order though clenched teeth."

I was hooked at chapter one. I was able to relate with Mira and that is what I like most in any story, when a reader can relate to the main character, or any character for that matter. It gives the story a whole knew perspective when you can. 

The book opens with Mari in the hospital after her latest suicide attempt, this time she cut open her wrists. All she wants for it to stop, the memories, the feelings, the emotions, just everything and since she was immunized with the new drug, Gaudium is as only gotten worst.  

Gaudium is the new miracle drug, the cure to mental illnesses and Autism. All sixteen year olds must receive the vaccine. I loved the idea behind a drug that eradicated mental illnesses, and how I wish this was real. One dose and your depression is cured, that would be amazing!

The story begins with in the middle of the conflict. Mari's father, the face and  CEO of Rawley medical is being accused of running illegal drug tests along with his dead colleague, Gregory Stark. But when Mari's mother starts to question her husband the plot thickens. Fallen into a mysterious coma, she leaves Mari with many unanswered questions.  

I liked how the author described what Mari felt when she touched someone, it made a better understanding of why she stayed so far away from people. But does the no touch rule apply to David as well? 

I also really liked David's character. He was adorable, I just felt like he went along with what ever Mari said. Like think for yourself a bit dude, maybe she is going to end up almost getting herself killed, stop her!. I liked the romance too, it wasn't forced, it developed through out the book. 

The beginning was slow, but that was to introduce everything. Once Mari's mother falls into the coma the book is one thrill ride. There are so many "oh shit!" moments that I lost count by the last page. 

My favorite part was that Mari is Hispanic, I haven't read many books with a Hispanic main character. I think I need to look into books with characters of other races as well. 

The book is open ended, meaning that Contact could be part of a series *crosses fingers* and we will get to see more of Mari's story. Until I know I am just going to have to wonder what happens next. *sigh*

RATING: ★★★★


  1. I was waiting for you to finish this! There were some moments where I just couldn't help but go "OH NOOOOOO!" And also that bit near the end with the babies. Yikes. Haha!

    1. I was so worried about those babies. I was in the car with my friend and I kept yelling at her to be quiet because I needed to know what was going to happen! I really liked this book though, it was something different :)

    2. I hope there's a second book, because you know what they say when you don't find a body. ;D

    3. The ending was very open. I am hoping that was purposely done so there could be a sequal. Plus there are a million unanswered questions! D:

  2. I'm so glad you all enjoyed Contact! Thank you for the kind comments. I've posted a link to this review on my blog. :)


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