My #BookCon2014 Experience -Amber

Wow, I really can't believe it is over. After weeks of preparing and excitement, I sit to type all my thoughts and feelings about the day and I just feel really sad. Jessica covered a lot of what we liked and didn't like about the day so my post will be more about my favorite things that happened through out the day. 

The first thing we did after we received our badges was did a quick sweep of the showroom floor then headed to the Penguin truck for some books! After chatting to a really sweet rep about our blog and the Legend Series by Marie Lu for a bit we decided to browse. I was clutching Champion by Marie Lu to my chest and when I turned around I was eye to eye with Marie herself! *fangirl* She was so sweet (even though I could barley form any words and looked stupid) and signed my copy of Champion

After the Penguin Book truck it was time to get online for Jennifer L. Armentrout's The Return signing! By then I was a bouncing ball of energy and ready to tackle anyone in my way. (I think I scared Jess and Emily a bit.) Once we received out tickets and were online it was just time to wait! The hour went by fast when we met Dana (Danasquare), Stephanie, Brielle, and Lindsey! Chatting with the girls time flew by and before I knew it I was standing in front of Jennifer L. Armentrout. I was much calmer then I was when I met Marie Lu. Though I still was struck dumb and at a lost for words. Jennifer was so sweet and when she told me she remembered my Twitter handle I couldn't help be squeal a little. She also told us that she has heard and been on The Book Bratz before! *Fangirl* 

Meeting Jennifer for the first time! 

Getting The Return ARC was amazing! Be on the look out in stores in February of 2015! Look at the drawing of Seth. Isn't it swoon worthy? He is back ladies!

After Jennifer's signing our group got on line for the Dorthy Must Die signing! We had a bit of a wait again so all of us girls chatted, and fangirled, some of use explored the floor a bit more. Then the BookCon workers let us online to meet Danielle Paige! 

Sadly we couldn't take pictures with Danielle but we could take pictures as we got our books signed!

It says: "Follow your yellow brick road" 

After that we split off from Dana and her friends. We went to eat something, hung out with Lindsey some more and then waited online for The Fault In Our Stars panel. We stood in line for a little more then two hours before we were allowed it! (After I get stepped on a few times) We got to see an exclusive clip from the movie, The egging scene and we were all hyped up to meet the man himself, John Green. But first, they had a surprise for us. Nat Wolff was there! The panel was fun, gave us a good insight on how the movie was filmed, how is got picked up and some pretty funny Q&A questions.

That ended BookCon but were weren't done yet! After a yummy dinner of pizza, and garlic rolls we headed over to Barnes and Nobles, because yes, that is how we work. Dozens of book later I picked my favorites and we were off! We ended our day in New York City pretty well I think! 

Me and Jess are looking into BookCon 2015 and possibly BEA for next year! Ahh! 

Here are some more pictures from the day!: 

Right to Left: Emily, Me (Amber), and Jessica

BookCon Books! 

Barnes and Nobles Stop! 

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