Welcome to the Summer Blogger Promo Tour!

Welcome to the Summer Blogger Promo Tour! Us ladies here at The Book Bratz decided to host a tour to promote some pretty awesome book bloggers, even though book tours are pretty awesome...we just figured that it was time for some bloggers to be recognized for a change. So, the Summer Blogger Promo Tour was born!

How does it work?
Every Sunday (starting next week) in July and August, we're going to be putting up a post for the tour here at The Book Bratz--and our post will be highlighting a different awesome book blogger and their blog each week. In return, the other book bloggers in the lineup will be doing the same thing on their blog every week! So you guys pretty much get to find out about 8 awesome new blogs to go follow throughout the summer. How cool is that? Pretty awesome.

We're sooooo excited for this summer tour to finally kick off! Here are the awesome blogs we'll be covering throughout the next two months:

July 6th: Dana and her blog, Dana Square (Read it here!)

July 13th: Andrew and his blog, Endlesslyreading (Read it here!)

July 20th: Ana and her blog, Ana Loves... (Read it here!)

July 27th: Ella and the YA Club and their blog, The YA Club

August 3rd: Stefani and her blog, Caught Read Handed

August 10th: Jen and her blog, Ink on the Shelf

August 17th: Mily and her blog, The YA's Nightstand

August 24th: SJ and her blog, SJ Bouquet

After that, August 31st is going to be a wrap-up post on how awesome the tour was, who we met and what we learned, etc. Get ready, because it's going to be an awesome and interesting summer.

See you all next week when we talk about BookCon and more with our first stop, Dana Square!

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