Introducing Andrew From Endlesslyreading! (SBPT Stop, #2)

Welcome to The Summer Blogger Promo Tour, an event created by us ladies at The Book Bratz, whose blog you're on right now! This is a weekly tour stop where we'll be highlighting different bloggers and their fantastic book blogs all summer long. You can read more about the tour by clicking here!

Welcome back to the second week of the Summer Blogger Promo Tour! Last week was a complete success, and we're hoping that the rest of the tour will be even better! Last week, we talked with Dana from Dana Square about what she thought of BookCon 2014. This week, we're talking all about a GUY book blogger that we've gotten friendly with, Andrew, and his blog, Endlesslyreading!

It's not very common that you come across a guy book blogger (although they're definitely out there!), and we just thought it was so awesome that Andrew was joining millions of other book bloggers out there in doing what we do best: gushing about books all over the internet. We recently nominated Andrew for a Liebster Blog Award, so we decided to share the 11 facts he shared about himself in his nomination post:

"11 Facts About Me (Andrew from Endlesslyreading):1. Freshman in high school.2. I’m Candor, Dauntless and Erudite.3. Aspiring Writer, check out some of my works: I have a contagious laugh!5. I used to hate reading and usually got F’s in English back in K-2nd grade.6. I am now at a college-level reading.7. I have been recognized for my writing. 8. I am very cautious of my books and treat like my own children. 9. I am a movie addict. 10. I am very competitive.11. IDK! Let’s be friends."
We also decided to sit down with Andrew (not literally, unfortunately!) to ask him a couple of book and blogger related questions:

The Book Bratz: What is your favorite part of being a book blogger?
Andrew: My favorite part of being a book blogger is that I can express the way I feel about books. I can express my obsession with books! And I have met so many [bloggers] like me!

The Book Bratz: What was the worst book you ever reviewed?
Andrew: I have yet to review a bad book, but I will tell you the worst book I have ever read--Partials by Dan Wells. I tried so very hard to get into this book, but just thought how predictable it was. Sorry for those of you that loved it!

The Book Bratz: What was the worst ending to a series that you've ever read? (No spoilers. Just the name of the final book and a bit of what happened.)
Andrew: The worst ending to a series would have to be Mockingjay. There were SO many unanswered questions??!! This was what happened: A LOT of people died, left, and that simply killed me. Honestly loved this book, but I need answers to my questions! (I feel like Hazel Lancaster on An Imperial Affliction.)

The Book Bratz: What author would you love to interview on your blog?
Andrew: An author I would love to interview on my blog would have to be a tie between Veronica Roth and John Green! They are my top favorite authors EVER, and I have all of their books!

Thanks again to Andrew for answering our interview questions and also just for letting us poke around his blog and talk about it for this leg of the tour! You can learn more about Andrew and Endlesslyreading through his blog or his Twitter

See you all back here next Sunday when we feature a guest review by Ana from Ana Loves

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  1. Nice to meet a male book blogger for a change. I wish you luck with your writing. Don't give up!

    1. We know, right? Male bloggers aren't as abundant in this community so it's awesome!

    2. I know of a couple but a male blogger does seem to be a rarity!

    3. Exactly! They ARE a rarity--so Andrew's pretty cool. :-)


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