Review: Fall with Me by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Title: Fall with Me (Wait for You #4)
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Publisher: Avon Books
Publication Date: March 31st 2015
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Jennifer L. Armentrout, New York Times bestselling author of the Wait for You series, delivers a new novel of first love, second chances, and scorching chemistry between an artistic bartender and the tough, sexy cop who's determined to win her Roxy's loved Reece Anders since she was fifteen, so when the straitlaced cop finally surrendered to a steamy encounter years later, Roxy hoped he'd fall for her, too. He didn't. Or that's what she's always believed. But then Reece storms back into her life when the man who injured her childhood friend is out of prison and wanting to make amends—something Roxy cannot do. The last thing she wants is to go there with Reece again, but he's determined to prove to her that he's exactly what she needs. Especially when a sick creep starts messing with her. But what's more dangerous to Roxy—a psycho after her or the past that refuses to let go and allow her to open up her heart again?


To me all of Jennifer's NA books are becoming the same. Boy and girl meet, both have sad pasts, fall in love, overcome it, yadi yadi yada. Doesn't mean I love them any less, just making a point. Jen can write the same thing a ton of times and make it amazing each time around. This time around we got a sexy cop, spunky bartender who loves to wear shirts with sayings on them, and a whole lot of steam. Not a bad combination. 

In Stay with Me we got the hint that something went on between Reece and Roxy, we don't find out the full extent of it until Fall with Me though. Roxy has been in love with Reece since she was fifteen years old, and he never seemed to notice her. Eleven months ealier there was an incident, one that involved alcohol, clothes being removed and some kisses that still make Roxy blush to think about. But where Reece is too drunk to remember it and believes they had sex only Roxy knows the real truth. They didn't get that far. Guarding her heart Roxy did what she thought was best, hating Reece. Only that is hard when she sees his face almost everyday. Soon they start over, but will Roxy be able to let Reece in? But at the same time Roxy is loosing her best friend Charlie, who is in a long term care facility due to an accident from years earlier and she is being stalked. 

Out of all of Jen's leading girls, Roxy is my favorite. She is snarky, a little nerdy, and artistic. There are so many qualities about her that I thoroughly enjoyed. She is also incredibly strong. Dealing with Charlie alone, those scenes nearly ripped my hearts to shreds. Jen managed to capture Roxy's pain in a way that makes you experience it along with her. Though I didn't find Roxy's past as dark as I found Teresa, Avery, or Calla's it was still painful. She is in the mist of loosing her best friend. Words said six years before and a rock changed her life forever. Reece was the character with the darker past, he went into the military from high school and when he left the military he became a police officer. Only shortly after being involved in a shooting that left an eighteen year old boy dead. 

Fall with Me gets my vote of the steamiest novel in this series so far. Things said, referenced, done, found, thought about, ect. Sex plays into a huge part of the story though because for the past eleven months Reece has thought that they had sex and he was too drunk to remember, when really they never did, Roxy was so mortified at herself that she never corrected him. 

Overall Fall with Me was amazing. I devoured it with in a few sittings and I can't wait until book five. Jen used the perfect amount of mystery and suspense with a mix of romance and steam to keep Fall with Me from loosing your attention. I do want a book seven from Katie's POV though. She is my favorite minor character. 



  1. I still haven't started this series but I'm glad to hear that they are as awesome as anything JLA writes!

  2. Roxy is my favorite heroine in the series so far. And what was not to like about Reece, but I’ll pretty much read Anything J Lynn gives me


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