The College Diaries: The End Is Near, But Not Near Enough

Hi guys! Jessica here, with another installment of our new project, The College Diaries. If you're new here and a little confused, The College Diaries is a series where all three of us (so yes, Amber & Emily also!) step away from books for a little bit and talk about our experiences in our first year of college. It's a nice little pause from time to time to share our thoughts with you guys on a more personal level, and to also connect with other bloggers and followers our age who might be experiencing the same thing!

So without further ado, today I'm going to rant a little bit about the feeling of being so close to finishing the semester, but also being so far away at the same time. I'm about halfway through my spring semester now, which means that I only have a few weeks left until I'm done with my first year of college ever! The struggle with being so close to finals is that you're also simultaneously so far away. I'm far enough into the semester that I can literally see all of the weekends left on the calendar before I go home, but then I actually count the amount of classes I have left, and I sigh because it still seems like so many.

I'm getting to the point where I'm antsy and eager to go home, and I can't wait to spend the summer out in the sunshine, working and seeing my friends and my dog and vacations and the beach (<3). As much as I love being at college, coming home for spring break for only a week is such a tease -- it's enough time for me to start settling into my hometown surroundings again, but then I get ripped right out of that situation again and I'm back in hours-long lectures before I know it.

I just want to go hoooooooooooooome and see everyone and get reading time and get to enjoy myself and just relax again. Because I am so over staying up until 3am doing homework and then getting up in time for my 8am classes, suffering through the day, and then getting back to my room to do it all over again. 

Honestly, I'm just excited to get home. Because the end is near but not near enough, and I've been craving some personal time with a good book on a sunny beach back home. 

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