February 2018 Wrap Up!

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February is officially over, which means it's time for our second monthly wrap-up of the year! Let's get to it!

In February...

....We did more guest reviews!

We started featuring guest reviews from other readers and bloggers on The Book Bratz (2 or 3 each month) earlier this year, and SO many awesome people seemed interested that we opened it up again for February! If you're interested in guest reviewing for us, head over to the Contact Us tab and shoot us an email! :-)

This month, our guests reviewed Heartless, Reign the Earth, and Here We Are Now!

....We reviewed tons of great books!

This month, we reviewed No Matter The Wreckage, Here We Are Now, Without Merit, Love, Hate & Other Filters, and Snow Falling!

....We gushed over adorable love stories!

February is the month of love, so we celebrated by bringing back one of our favorite posts from last year -- in which we highlighted some of our favorite swoon-worthy reads, which you can check out by clicking here!

So, those are the things we did on The Book Bratz this February! Did you do a wrap up post of your own? If so, comment the link down below, and we'd love to check it out!

What was your favorite thing that we did on the blog this month? What are your recommendations for future posts/reviews? Comment down below and let us know! :-)

Now it's time for March!

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