ARC Review: Scars Like Wings by Erin Stewart

Title: Scars Like Wings
Author: Erin Stewart
Publisher: Delacorte
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Hardcover, 352 Pages
Published October 2019

Summary: Ava Lee has lost everything there is to lose: Her parents. Her best friend. Her home. Even her face. She doesn't need a mirror to know what she looks like--she can see her reflection in the eyes of everyone around her. A year after the fire that destroyed her world, her aunt and uncle have decided she should go back to high school. Be "normal" again. Whatever that is. Ava knows better. There is no normal for someone like her. And forget making friends--no one wants to be seen with the Burned Girl, now or ever. But when Ava meets a fellow survivor named Piper, she begins to feel like maybe she doesn't have to face the nightmare alone. Sarcastic and blunt, Piper isn't afraid to push Ava out of her comfort zone. Piper introduces Ava to Asad, a boy who loves theater just as much as she does, and slowly, Ava tries to create a life again. Yet Piper is fighting her own battle, and soon Ava must decide if she's going to fade back into her scars . . . or let the people by her side help her fly.

I received an ARC of this book at BookExpo this year, and I was so excited to read it! Erin is a super sweet author and we loved working with her on the blog this year, so when we got an ARC and then she was standing right there at the booth so I got to meet her and get my ARC signed at the same time, it was pretty awesome! So without further ado, let's get into my review:

As the summary explains, Ava was in a house fire that cost her everything -- her parents, her cousin (and best friend), her house, her family, her life. Now, she's lucky enough to have a second chance at life, but she's left with really intense scars and constant surgeries. Even though everyone tells her that she should be lucky, Ava can't help but feel like she shouldn't have survived in the first place -- and one thing's for sure: she definitely doesn't feel like she wants to move on. But will she be able to wear her scars like wings and continue to fly?

I really enjoyed reading this book. It was hard-hitting, emotional, and honest. Ava doesn't hold back from explaining all of the ways that the fire morphed her body, but she does so in an unapologetic way, which I really appreciated. It was also really great to see her stand up to people that went out of their way to say really awful things to her, both in public and private. Erin Stewart does an excellent job of conveying all of Ava's conflicting emotions and struggles throughout the whole process as she learns to love herself again. I found it really hard-hitting and emotional in such a great way.

My favorite character in this book was definitely Piper. She was such a spitfire that refused to let anything bring her down, and she was such a great person for Ava to have in her life as she navigated all of her confusion and hurt and grief. We all definitely need someone like Piper in our lives -- even though she isn't always perfect, she's fiercely loyal and hilarious, and that's why I love her so much! 

Overall, I really enjoyed reading Scars Like Wings. I think it was such a powerful, emotional story about moving on after such a terrible tragedy, and Ava's growth as a person is definitely visible throughout the entire story arc. If you're looking for a story that will catch you and hold you from the beginning until the very end, then check this one out! I'll definitely be reading more of Erin Stewart's work in the future!


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