Class2k19Books Wraps Up Their Debut Year! (+ Love Your Shelf Giveaway!)

"Class of 2k19 is a group of 20 YA and MG authors releasing debut novels in 2019. If you’re interested in learning more about our books, our authors, giveaways, and in-person events, you’ve come to the right place. When you add our books—we know you’ll love your shelf." -Class2k19 Books

Hi! Hello! Happy Monday! Today we are super excited to be helping the Class2k19 Books wrap up their debut year! We are super honored to have this opportunity and loved reading all of their thanks yous and reasons on why they love the book community. Grab some coffee or tea, maybe some cookies and settle in! Make sure that when you finish reading all of the authors notes, you head over and enter the giveaway on their site!

*Us celebrating this years debuts!*


J. Kasper Kramer, author of The Story That Cannot Be Told:
With the help of bloggers big and small, I had posts about The Story That Cannot Be Told going up almost every day all through October. There were articles and interviews and podcast episodes—and it absolutely helped with visibility for my debut. It also introduced me to new readers I never would have connected with otherwise. From book chats on Twitter to reviews and reposts on Instagram, I’ve been overwhelmed by the love and support the online book community has shown me this year, and I plan to pass on that love as I continue down the next path in my writing career. 

Sara Faring, author of The Tenth Girl:

Book blogger creativity knows no bounds—they make the world of books fresh & magical in my eyes every day.

Jennifer Camiccia, author of The Memory Keeper:
The book community has been so supportive! At first I was hesitant to approach booksellers, but anytime I gathered the courage to mention The Memory Keeper they were so warm and friendly. Signing stock at bookstores is an absolute dream come true! I’m so grateful to all the bloggers, educators, and readers who have read and reviewed my book. You have all made my debut year incredibly special.

Kelly Coon, author of Gravemaidens:
Without the Skeleton Crew, my illustrious Gravemaidens street team, I wouldn’t have had nearly the social promo that I’ve received. These women have bent over backwards to review the book, come up with creative promotional ideas, share the cover, and support me through thick and thin. I’m not sure there’s even a good way to thank them. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough! They’ve helped me feel loved and supported during this debut year and our Twitter DM chats have made it incredibly special.

Naomi Milliner, author of Super Jake and the King of Chaos:
I honestly couldn’t be more grateful for, and to, my fellow writers. From the kindness, mentoring and generosity of experienced (and super-talented) writers like Marissa Moss and Leslie Connor, to sharing my parallel journey with the other 2019 debuts, the writing community has been incredible and invaluable. Special shout-outs to my beloved JPST and the Class of 2K19!
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Tiana Smith, author of Match Me If You Can:
I’m forever grateful to the friends I’ve made in the book community. There’s really no one else who can understand all the ups and downs of publishing, can cheer you on when things get hard, or who can celebrate each little victory fully aware of how hard it probably was to win it. It’s such a relief to know there are other people going through the same things you are, and so rewarding to be able to boost those books and people whose work you admire.  
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Lillian Clark, author of Immoral Code:

I have so much gratitude not only for my fellow debuts (Novel 19s! Class 2k19!) but for every single blogger, bookstagrammer, and reader who took the time to pick up my little book. I’ve been asked a few times how I wanted readers to feel after reading IMMORAL CODE and my go-to answer is good. I want readers to leave Nari, Keagan, Bells, Santiago, and Reese feeling welcome and accepted. And I have to say that that’s something the book community does so well. Every time a fellow debut congratulated or commiserated, every time a reader sent me note, every time a blogger took the time to post about my book, I felt exactly how I want readers of IMMORAL CODE to feel. 

Kara McDowell, author of Just For Clicks:
I hope I’ll never stop being surprised and grateful by the amazing YA book community. From bloggers who have read and recommended Just for Clicks, to readers who have left kind reviews, to fellow writers who have supported me through publishing’s ups and downs, I consider myself extremely lucky to have made wonderful friends and acquaintances this year. In fact, as I go into 2020 and am gearing up to promote my next book, ONE WAY OR ANOTHER, it’s these people that make me excited to do it all over again.

L.D. Crichton, author of All Our Broken Pieces:
The ways in which the book community have helped me can’t really be expressed in words. Every single book review, rating, blog post, instagram post has been the emotional fuel to my writer soul. Every reviewer, reader, bookstagrammer, blogger, and librarian who have taken the time to show All Our Broken Pieces so much love and support this year— thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. There have been days where your words have lifted me up from negative thinking that was unhealthy and hard to carry. And to the librarians responsible for nominating All Our Broken Pieces for a White Pine Award, what a surreal, completely unimaginable feeling to be considered — my appreciation so far beyond measure. THANK YOU. 

Erin Stewart, author of Scars Like Wings:
I’m lucky to live among an incredible group of supportive writers, who truly believe there is space for everyone at the publishing table. They support me, beta read for me and just generally keep me sane in this sometimes very isolated world of writing. Honestly, book people are the best people!

Claire Eliza Bartlett, author of We Rule the Night:
The book community has been so wonderful to me. Many bloggers have been kind enough to let me do an interview or guest post, and others have even reached out, which is wonderful when I have the marketing abilities of a brick wall. One woman painted her nails like my book cover! Another crouched in the snow for hours to get the perfect shot of my book. I am so awed by the dedication of the book community - your love for books shows in every post, every review, every curated book package. Thank you for everything.

Sarah Lyu, author The Best Lies:
The book community is incredible and it's amazing to see how supportive everyone has been of each other this past year, from those who participated in our twitter chats and helped get the word out about our books and big end-of-year giveaway—thank you from the bottom of my heart!

RuthAnne Snow, author of When The Truth Unravels:
I love the book community. Being part of groups like Class2k19Books and Novel 19s has been invaluable for maintaining my sanity this year--knowing there are people going through the exact same thing you are is really comforting. And I love book bloggers. The creativity and the passion they have for sharing books is such an integral part of our community. I just don't think the kidlit book world would be where it is at without book bloggers, and I know the biggest boosts my book got were from the book blogger community.

Gail Shepherd, author of The True History of Lyndie B. Hawkins:
Indie bookstores are the heart and soul of the reading community, and our new store in Lake Worth Florida deserves a special shout-out for all they do for local authors: A thousand thanks, Book Cellar crew! I’ve been completely gobsmacked by how helpful other authors have been, how generous with their advice and support and guidance: communities like SCBWI Florida, Facebook groups such as Binders Full of MG Writers, blogs like From the Mixed Up Files of Middle Grade authors, and literally hundreds of individual writers who have in large and small ways picked me up when I was down, brushed me off, and sent me back renewed into the writing life.


Giveaway Time!

Class 2k19 Books is so thrilled to be wrapping up their debut year that they're holding a MASSIVE giveaway to thank their readers. One lucky winner will get a prize pack that includes gift cards, makeup, movies, mugs, pins, notebooks, stuffed animals, treats, and of course more books! Then five more winners will win a virtual meet-and-greet with the Class 2k19 author of their choice where they can chat books, writing advice, fan fiction--whatever! The prize pack is U.S. only due to shipping costs, but the virtual meet-and-greets are open internationally.

To enter, all you have to do is pick up a Class 2k19 book (purchasing or library requesting is okay!) or review a Class 2k19 book online. With 20 great YA and MG books to choose from, that's 40 potential entries! For an explanation of how to submit entries, go here:

Thank you so much Class2k19 Books for letting us wrap up your debut year, we loved working with you all on this post and other posts as well. We can't wait to read all of your next novels and keep up with your journey! ❤

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