Happy Halloween! Most-Loved Chilling Reads by Yours Truly

Happy Halloween!

In honor of today being Halloween, we here at The Book Bratz decided to put up a Halloween-themed post by scouring both of our Read, Currently Reading, and TBR shelves on our Goodreads accounts and picking out some of our favorite Halloween reads! 

Plus, we want YOU to do a Halloween reads post and put the link down in the comments below! You can choose any creepy, vampire, monster, horror, fantasy, dark reads that you want!

Jessica's Favorite Halloween Reads:

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Amber's Favorite Halloween Reads:


Recognize any of our reads? Have some of your own to share? Comment down below with your favorite Halloween reads - we'd love to hear them!



  1. Great picks, lovelies!! I'm really anxious to start Madman's Daughter and Anna Dressed in Blood :) Ooh Dangerous Boys sounds really good too!!

    1. The Madman's Daughter is one of my 2014 favorites! It was such a good trilogy. Anna Dressed in Blood was pretty good, I didn't like the sequel though. :)

  2. These books look like great reads for Halloween! Too bad, I'm too much of a scaredy- cat to read some of these books. A book that I want to read from your picks is Lailah by Nikki Kelly. I would like to read it because I follow Nikki Kelly on twitter and conversations have circulated that there is a possible love triangle or not. Right now, I am in the mood to read about a love triangle and pick a team. (But, believe me I am not always a fan for love triangles!) Other books I would like to read is The Daughter of Smoke and Bone series and The Madman's Daughter series. Those books keep catching my eyes but, I never bring myself to pick it up!


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