Review: Please Don't Tell by Laura Tims

Title: Please Don't Tell
Author: Laura Tims
Genre: Mystery
Publisher: Harper Teen
Source: Edelweiss
Publication Date: May 24th 2016

Summary: Joy killed Adam Gordon—at least, that’s what she thinks. The night of the party is hazy at best. But she knows what Adam did to her twin sister, Grace, and she knows he had to pay for it.
What Joy doesn’t expect is that someone else saw what happened. And one night a note is shoved through her open window, threatening Joy that all will be revealed. Now the anonymous blackmailer starts using Joy to expose the secrets of their placid hometown. And as the demands escalate, Joy must somehow uncover the blackmailer’s identity before Joy is forced to make a terrible choice.
In this darkly compelling narrative, debut author Laura Tims explores the complicated relationship between two sisters, and what one will do for the other. It’s a story that will keep readers turning pages and questioning their own sense of right and wrong. 

Wow. That's pretty much sums up my thoughts on this book. I could not put this book down, it drew me in immediately.

Joy Morris thinks she killed Adam Gordon. After she starts receiving these letters from an anonymous blackmailer, she really doesn't know what to think. The night of the party was a big blur for Joy. Getting so drunk, she blacks out. Now she is being blackmailed into thinking she actually killed Adam. The blackmailer is using Joy to expose the secrets of their school. By threatening Joy into putting up pictures, showing a video, and exposing her best friends secret to the school. And if Joy doesn't do what she's told, the blackmailer will go straight to the police.

The story is told in duel POV. Mostly in Joy's present day POV but occasionally it switches to her twin sister Grace's past POV to what happened over their summer leading up to the party and the death of Adam.

Spoilers ahead!

That summer Joy and Grace were going to come out of their shells, well mostly Grace. But as Grace's crush on Bad Boy Adam Gordon grows, she has no idea whats coming. Joy's friend November is trying to steer them away from Adam, knowing the real him, but they just brush it off chalking it up to November just getting a bad vibe from Adam.

After Joy and Grace go to a party at Adam's, and Adam raping Grace, Joy is ready to blow up on Adam. Saying she wants to hurt him or even worse, kill him.

That's why, after she blacks out at Adam's birthday party, and starts getting the letters, she really doesn't know what to believe. Did she really push Adam Gordon into the quarry? 

This book really had me guessing, second guessing, and second guessing my second guesses (if that made any sense). Right away I thought I knew who was blackmailing Joy but then something else came up and you think it's someone else. Overall this book was great, a true page turner. I cannot wait to see what Laura Tims has in store for her next book!

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