2019 Blogging Resolutions!

It's officially 2019, which means it's a clean slate in terms of resolutions. So that's what we're doing here on the blog today -- first, we're going to be analyzing our 2018 resolutions to see which of those we've achieved, and then we'll talk about our goals for 2019! So without further ado, let's get into it.


1. Get better at commenting back on blog posts. We're *still* guilty of forgetting to this a lot of the time, so that's definitely something to keep working on in 2019.

2. Read/review more debut authors. This is something we've definitely started to pick up on doing toward the end of this year, so it's safe to say we can check this one off!

3. Attend BEA. Check! We did that this year, and it was AMAZING.

4. Get back on a regular posting schedule. Another one that we achieved! We've been posting daily for the last few months, and it's been great to get back into that swing of things.

5. Make some new blogger friends. Absolutely a check mark on this one, too! This year, we made so many new friends that we want to give you all tons of squeezes because we love you so much.


1. Comment back on other blogs more often. We are SO guilty of this! We read everyone's cool new posts but then we rarely remember to comment, and that's something we really want to change in 2019.

2. Limit our requests of digital ARCs a little bit. Have you ever heard of the phrase "having eyes bigger than your stomach"? That's definitely some of us (*ahem* Amber *ahem*), and we end up requesting so many digital ARCs that we never get to them all. So that's something we want to cut down on this year.

3. Keep up with writing reviews. Sometimes, things pop up and we don't end of writing reviews for books that we end of DNFing or that we read really quickly and forget about. But more importantly, sometimes we wait months before we write a review for a book, so it ends up going up pretty late after we actually read the book. We want to make a conscious effort to review everything that we read this year! 

4. Read more books -- duh! Surpassing our previous Goodreads Reading Challenges are always a must.

5. Review more of the books that we read. Sort of like #3, sometimes we forget to review some of the things that we read, so we want to make an effort to stay on top of that.

6. Bookstagram more often. We've been steadily picking up speed with that, but we want to keep going!

7. Attend BookExpo again. Another amazing year with great authors, books, and friends? Count us in!

8. Make even MORE blogging friends! Because you can never have too many friends.

9. Stay active on our other social media platforms more. This kind of ties into #6, but yeah. We spend a lot of our time on the blog itself, or on Twitter, but as a result, some of our other social media platforms (such as our Facebook, Instagram, and our Pinterest) have started to suffer. So that's definitely something to fix in 2019.

So those are our blogging goals for 2019! What are yours? Comment down below and let us know! Here's to a great start to an amazing 2019.

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  1. I don't have a post coming out about my goals, but pretty much all of the ones I'm keeping in mind are the same as what you three have! I'm also trying to keep up with comments, reviews, ARCs and hoping to get into BEA in May! Good luck and happy reading!

  2. Your resolutions are definitely ones I need to try too! I definitely need to limit the e-arcs I request and get better at commenting back on my bookstagram/blog.


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