Waiting on Wednesday: The Liar's Daughter by Megan Cooley Peterson

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Title: The Liar's Daughter
Author: Megan Cooley Peterson
Publisher: Holiday House
Hardcover, 304 Pages
Publication Date: September 10th, 2019

Summary: Seventeen-year-old Piper knows that Father is a Prophet. Infallible. The chosen one. She would do anything for Father. That's why she takes care of all her little sisters. That's why she runs end-of-the-world drills. That's why she never asks questions. Because Father knows best. Until the day he doesn't. Until the day the government raids the compound and separates Piper from her siblings, from Mother, from the Aunts, from all of Father's followers--even from Caspian, the boy she loves. Now Piper is living Outside. Among Them. With a woman They claim is her real mother--a woman They say Father stole her from. But Piper knows better. And Piper is going to escape.

When Megan first Tweeted at us last month and told us about her book, we looked into it, and I was immediately hooked. Seriously, a book about escaping a cult? That sounds like just the type of gripping suspense that is right up my alley, and I already can't wait to dive into this story. We're even working with Megan on an author interview (coming closer to the book's release!), which is super exciting. Basically, this book sounds like the right amount of secrets and suspense and plot twists that I won't be able to live without, and I'm super excited to get a chance to read this book!

What are you waiting on this week? Leave your links so we can stop back! 

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  1. Oooh now this looks like an interesting book. Sounds absolutely thrilling and so interesting. I'm adding it to my TBR!

    My WoW


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