Mini Reviews: The Kingdom & To Best the Boys

Today I have three mini reviews! Regardless of whether I rated these books 1 star or 5 stars doesn't change the review format I choose. Sometimes a five star book is a five star book that I don't have much to say or other times I have a lot to say. Same thing with 1 star reads. It just so happened that with these three books I didn't have much to say. *Shrugs* Which happens sometimes and that is okay! 

***Thank you to Henry Holt and Thomas Nelson for the opportunity to read and review these books!***

The Kingdom by Jess Rothenberg 
Publication May 2019 by Henry Holt 

The Kingdom is basically West World meets Disney World in this dizzying actions packed story that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The Kingdom is an immersive fantasy theme park that is everything you ever wished for. The Kingdom is home to the fantasists, the seven artificial intelligence that were designed as Princess's for the consumers enjoyment. But then Ana, on of the princess's meets a park employee and for the first time experiences emotions that are outside her programming. Soon Owen turns up dead and Ana is the prime suspect in his murder. The story is told through character testimony, interviews and Ana's memories the story of Ana and Owen and the sinister truth behind The Kingdom and the fantasists is revealed. 

By the last page of this book the question of: What makes us human? Popped into my mind. This book really makes you sit and thing about that. Is it emotions? Having a body? What is it exactly? I love books that make you think long after you finish them. 

I did not see the ending to The Kingdom coming at all. I was shocked and thrilled at the same time to see how this was going to play out. But with the ending being open ended like that, I am curious to see if Rothenberg has more up her sleeve for this world? 

To Best the Boys by Mary Weber

Publication March 2019 by Thomas Nelson Books

I am a huge fan of Mary Weber so I was super excited when I was accepted on NetGalley for a review copy of To Best the Boys. But I am just going to leave with this one as it just wasn't a "me" book? I found it to be slow and I was incredibly bored the first half of the book. It eventually did pick up, but not enough to really keep my interest. 


  1. Too bad TO BEST THE BOYS didn't hit the mark for you. I had the opposite reaction-- the first half I LOVED, and the second half felt super rushed and half-assed :(


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