College Diaries: Jessica's Very Last Semester!

Hi everyone!

Today's latest installment of The College Diaries is a pretty wild one -- it's officially my last semester of college.

Yep. That's right. My VERY LAST SEMESTER. (Can you hear me crying?)

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Emily still has a year left because of nursing school, and Amber is taking some time off from school right now, which means that I'm the only one who's currently set to graduate this May. And as exciting as that is, it's also pretty daunting, since I've been in school since I was four years old and now I'm about to be twenty two -- I don't even know who I am without school! But the good news is, I'm excited to find out.

So, by the way, if we're a bit spotty here on the blog or on our social media accounts from time to time -- that's why! Everyone's either working, interning, surviving nursing school, and/or PREPARING TO BE AN ADULT.


Also, in some related news -- I'm loving my publicity internship at Little, Brown, and it's really been such a treat. :) I love it so, so much and I have so much fun whenever I go into work, so it's really been a great semester so far!

It's just such a wild concept to think about, because we started this blog way back in 2013 -- our FRESHMAN YEAR OF HIGH SCHOOL. And now I'm a senior in college, preparing for the real world. Where the heck did the time go?

If you're a college senior, comment down below and we can mutually freak out about graduation together! If you're not, but you want some advice, comment down below too! Or even just comment if you remember us starting out, or remembering freaking out about graduating high school. It's been a long, wild ride with you guys!

Basically, just comment down below saying anything you want to say. I love talking to you guys! :-)

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