Blog Tour: The Sullivan Sisters by Kathryn Ormsbee

Hey everyone! Today on the blog, we're part of the blog tour of Kathryn Ormsbee's THE SULLIVAN SISTERS, so we have a spotlight to show you! Let's get right into it!

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Title: The Sullivan Sisters
Author: Kathryn Ormsbee
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers
Hardcover, 384 Pages
Published June 2020

Summary: Time changes things. That painful fact of life couldn’t be truer for the Sullivan sisters. Once, they used to be close, sharing secrets inside homemade blanket castles. Now, life in the Sullivan house means closed doors and secrets left untold. Fourteen-year-old Murphy, an aspiring magician, is shocked by the death of Siegfried, her pet turtle. Seventeen-year-old Claire is bound for better things than her Oregonian hometown—until she receives a crushing rejection from her dream college. And eighteen-year-old Eileen is nursing a growing addiction in the wake of life-altering news. Then, days before Christmas, a letter arrives, informing the sisters of a dead uncle and an inheritance they knew nothing about. The news forces them to band together in the face of a sinister family mystery…and, possibly, murder.


Kathryn Ormsbee
Kathryn Ormsbee writes books, cooks food, & records podcasts in Oregon. She is the author of YA novels LUCKY FEW, TASH HEARTS TOLSTOY, and THE GREAT UNKNOWABLE END (Simon & Schuster). Kathryn also writes Middle Grade fantasy novels as K.E. Ormsbee. She is the author of the WATER AND THE WILD series (Chronicle Books and Gumption Press), THE HOUSE IN POPLAR WOOD (Chronicle), and the upcoming sci-fi adventure MIDNIGHT ON STRANGE STREET (Disney-Hyperion, January 2020). Kathryn likes clothes from the 60s, music from the 70s, and movies from the 80s. She is from the 90s. You can visit her online at or follow her on Twitter & Instagram @kathsby. 

We'd like to thank Simon & Schuster Children's for allowing us to be a part of this blog tour and collaborating with us to put up this spotlight post! If THE SULLIVAN SISTERS sounds like the kind of book you'd be interested in, make sure you add it to your TBR!

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