The College Dairies: End of the Semester, BookCon 2018 & Summer Vacation

There are six meeting days of classes left. I am not sure if I can survive any longer though! With the end of the semester approaching, BookCon 2018 right around the corner, my never ending work schedule and making time to go to the gym and most importantly: read and work on the blog, my head is ready to explode. 

I took off from school all of 2017, so this is my first semester back since I had dropped out in the fall of 2016. So this will be my first semester of college that I will officially complete! (Though super stressed, I am very very very excited!) I declared English as my major several weeks ago when I made my fall 2018 semester schedule, which is pretty cool. I've been tossing around going into the publication field again or maybe changing my major and going into psychology. I am not sure yet though. I have several more semesters to go before I can transfer from the community college I currently attend to a four year school.  

With it being May already Mine and Jessica's younger siblings have officially committed to the colleges of their choices! My sister will be attending SUNY Oswego beginning in the fall. It is a bittersweet moment, I am going to go from sharing a room with my sister to her being 7 hours away. But I am extremely proud of her for following her dreams. Jessica's brother committed to the University of Hawaii! That is a lot further then 7 hours! I've known Jessica and her family for almost 15 years now, which means I know her brother since he was a toddler. It's crazy to see that my sister and him will be going to college in the fall. Nonetheless, I am incredibly proud of the both of them and wish them the best!

With the end of the semester also means that Jess will be home for the summer! Which means, lots of chipotle, fangirling about books (especially Warner) and sitting out in the sun reading. Summer also means BookCon 2018 which all of us are super excited for. I didn't attend last year, which means I haven't been to BookCon in 2 years (2016 was held in Chicago) so I am extra excited to be going. Though me and Emily won't be able to attend Jessica will be attending BEA 2018 representing The Book Bratz!!! 

I wish everyone well on the last few days/weeks of the semester. For our followers who are graduating high school and moving on to college, good luck! This is about to be the most epic journey of your life. For our followers who stick by us through out crazy school/work schedules, thank you! we appreciate you all a ton. Happy spring/summer!


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