April Scribbler Unboxing: POV

It's time for our my second unboxing of Scribbler, a new subscription box created by writers, for writers! Each month the box comes with writing tips and tricks, a new book, tons of cute supplies, and also an exclusive online video call invitation with someone involved in the writing/publishing fields. And boxes are only $30 a month -- and there are tons of pre-paid packages to choose from! So definitely head over to their website if you're interested.

Now, time to unpack the April box! Last month's theme was POV. (I'm unboxing this one now because I've been away at college and haven't had a chance to sit down and enjoy the April box yet, which is why I'm doing it now!) It was filled with all sorts of *incredible* goodies.

1. This month's writing passport!
An adorable little booklet with all sorts of helpful information on how to successfully nail POV.

2. An exclusive invitation for a Skype chat with Jackie Cantor.
Another thing that comes with the box each month is an exclusive Skype invitation for a chat with someone involved in the publishing field -- this month, it's Jackie Cantor, a senior editor at Simon & Schuster!

3. An adorable "Writing is Hard" panda pin.
Because it certainly is, but it's fun, too!

4. A writing goals card!
You use this little card to jot down your writing goal for the year, and hopefully this will help me stick to mine of finally submitting my manuscript!

5. A diamond-shaped paper clip!
Because, as the package says, our writing is gem-worthy -- and this is perfect for keeping a manuscript together!

6. An *eight-color* retractable pen.
Look at all of the colors!! OMG I'm so in love and can't wait to use this. 8 colors??? I didn't even know that was possible!

7. Another little pen.

Which is perfect for me because I'm the type of person who needs at least one pen in every single bag I have, and I'm losing them constantly.

8. 100 Ways to Improve Your Writing!

I accidentally had this one spoiled for me when I saw someone Tweet a picture of it, but that's okay because this is easily my favorite thing in this box and I can't wait to dive into this!

9. A brand new book!

This month, we got a copy of The Beloveds by Maureen Lindley, and I'm excited to start reading this for several reasons -- one is that it doesn't seem to really be YA, which is good because although I am totally in love with YA stories, I've wanted to start experimenting with some other reads! Also, if this book is in the box, it means that it handled the topic of POV very well, so I'm always very willing to learn by seeing a tactic in action!

10. NOT PICTURED: An exclusive copy of an author pitch and an agent letter to a publisher!

I'm opting not to picture this one since it's stressed that it's exclusive and if I showed a picture of the letters then it wouldn't be exclusive anymore, but I also received a mock pitch letter and an agent synopsis to a publisher for The Beloveds, which I am super excited for because I'm never sure how those letters go so it's nice to see examples!

Overall, I absolutely love my April box -- they just keep getting better and better! After unboxing this box with my dad, he saw how much I love it and how much it's been improving my writing, so we opted to renew my subscription after it expires next month. I can't wait to keep getting all of these amazing boxes!

And now it's time to enjoy my April box while eagerly awaiting the May box, whose theme is Fight Scenes

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  1. Okay um wow this is the best subscription box I've ever seen! I checked out what you got last month, too, and honestly I'm shook. When I get back to the States and become a little more financially stable I'm for sure going to order this box.

    It literally has so much stuff in it. I love the Skype chat with a professional in the industry and the exclusive letter.

    I'm so glad you brought this to my attention!!


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