May Scribbler Unboxing: Fight Scenes!

It's time for our my third unboxing of Scribbler, a new subscription box created by writers, for writers! Each month the box comes with writing tips and tricks, a new book, tons of cute supplies, and also an exclusive online video call invitation with someone involved in the writing/publishing fields. And boxes are only $30 a month -- and there are tons of pre-paid packages to choose from! So definitely head over to their website if you're interested.

Now, time to unpack the May box! This month's theme was Fight Scenes. I haven't ever really needed to deal with fight scenes in my stories before, but my current work in progress involves a lot of them, so this box came at the perfect time! Here's what the box looks like, and here's what came inside:

1. This month's writing passport!
An adorable little booklet that gives tons of super helpful information regarding writing successful fight scenes.

2. An exclusive invitation for a Skype chat with Marisa Russel.
Another thing that comes with the box each month is an exclusive Skype invitation for a chat with someone involved in the publishing field -- this month, it's Penguin publicist Marisa Russell!

3. The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green.
I mean, OMG. Just look at the fantastic packaging for this book! I was fangirling the entire time I was opening it.

4. An exclusive example of line edits from editor Jackie Cantor!
I won't show the actual line edits, as they were an exclusive for subscribers, but we got ten full pages of line edits to go through to see how agents and editors critique and help reshape a manuscript so it becomes the best that it can possibly be. I absolutely LOVED looking through this.

5. Adorable 3D Yoobi erasers.
Dinosaurs, giraffes, lions, French fries, apples, and ice cream -- all of these were adorable little 3D erasers that I immediately fell in love with!

6. A cute little pencil sharpener.
To go with the adorable pencils that I'll be mentioning in just a bit!

7. A cute little promo button from Penguin.
Another one to add to my tote where I collect all of my pins! Also, my dog insisted on being present in this picture and I couldn't get her to leave.

8. This adorable rose gold notebook.
Perfect for planning stories -- and it's also one of my favorite colors, which is a huge plus! I've only had the box opened for a little while and I've already busted this one open and gotten down to writing.

9. Cute "Write Your Heart Out" Pencils!
Which makes writing in the notebook all the more fun.

10. A "famous lines" poster from Penguin Teen.
I loved this poster so much as soon as I saw it that I immediately went out to buy a frame, and I'll be hanging it on my wall ASAP! It contains so much important lines from some of my favorite books and authors, which is extra exciting and inspirational! I made it extra large so you can see!

Overall, I really enjoyed opening the May box -- because I really needed help with writing successful fight scenes, and I know that this month's box can help me do that. I've decided that I'm going to keep my subscription (even though it was supposed to be ending this month!) because I'm so in love with all of the incredible stuff that this box has to offer. If you haven't subscribed to Scribbler yet and you're a current writer or an aspiring one, what are you waiting for? This is writer gold, people!

And now it's time to enjoy my May box while eagerly awaiting the June box, whose theme is Research -- something I totally need help with

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