Discussion: eReaders Vs. Books

I own over 70 books, 150 ebooks, and burrow a countless amount from the local library. I find now though that a good majority of people own an eReader and prefer that over an actual physical copy of a book. I will admit it is easy and portable. So what do I prefer? I like and dislike both. 

eReader: (Kindle Fire HD) 

What I like:

  • They are extremely portable. I slip it into my school bag in the morning and I am off!
  • I don't have to worry about bending the pages. Believe it or not it is my biggest pet peeve with books. Especially bent covers. 
  • I can read in the dark! I share a room with my sister, who hates when I keep the light on into the later hours of the night to read. This keeps up both happy and not at each others throats 
  • Free or discounted books! Amazon has free books, as well as discounted books. That means more for your money! 
  • I can lay down and read in awkward positions! 
What I dislike:

  • Having to charge it! You don't have to do that with books! 
  • It is fragile. I am constantly worried of breaking it. I dropped it in my drive way the other day. (I will shamelessly admit I tripped over my own feet....again) 
  • It dies unexpectedly. Long car trips? Ughh! It ends up dying and leaves me bored out of my mind.
  • Glares. At the beach or in class light reflects off the screen making it hard to focus on the actually words. 


What I like:

  • The smell. Call it weird but I find it relaxing. Especially after a long stressful day? Perfect. 
  • Sometimes they have different colored font! (Ex. Legend by Marie Lu) 
  • Hard covers have the book jacket that comes off! 
  • Physically collection to show off. 
  • I can read it on long car rides and not worry about the battery life! 
  • Doesn't need to be charged! 
What I dislike:

  • Paper cuts! I done it tons of times! 
  • Pages bend or covers rip ... or you can rip a page out (I did that to a library book and accident once.)
  • You can't read in the dark! There for me and my sister fight and makes me shut the light off. 
  • Can't lay down and read in certain positions. 
  • Font can sometimes be too small

Both have the plus and minuses. Somethings will beat the others. Sometimes my mood ends up effecting what I want to read on as well. It will sadden me the day all books are only available on eReaders. My book collection is something I take much pride in! 

What do you prefer? 

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