BookCon 2014: Packing Guide

BookCon is approaching, which is something to get super excited about because, well, duh--it's BookCon! This is the first time that this event has ever been hosted (and trust me, it's going to be absolutely awesome!)...but the fact that it's new means there will be tons of new book bloggers there (ourselves included) who are eager to soak up all of the awesomeness possible in the single day that they'll be there. 

So, the question remains...what are we supposed to bring along with us?

Lucky for you, us Book Bratz decided to write you all a handy-dandy packing list so you'll be prepared for anything and everything at BookCon in 15 days!

What to bring:

*A backpack. Definitely, hands down, without a doubt. It doesn't have to be a big, huge, schoolbag-worthy one. Just make sure that you'll be able to fit a decent amount of books and freebies you'll be picking up, along with your lunch and other small things.

*A small, cross body bag. It doesn't need to be anything big--all it's for is storing your phone, your money, and your schedule. It would be way too much of a hassle to have to fish those things out of your bag of books and freebies and lunch and nonsense. Also store your business cards in there if you plan on giving them out.

*Small luggage (*optional*). Some attendees prefer this, and others don't, so it's all up to you. But if you're feeling up to it, bring a small suitcase or carry-on bag to the Javits center with you, and for about only $3, they'll hold on to it for you at the front and you'll have a place to periodically come back and store all of the goodies you get so you don't weigh your bag down.

*Your plan! Write down all of the panels, signings and such that you know you MUST attend, along with their times and locations. And store that in your clutch for easy access.

*Comfortable clothes/shoes. Sure, you want to look cute while walking around and meeting other authors and bloggers, but you want to be comfortable too! Go for some comfy-yet-causal styles such as leggings, comfy flats, or sneakers. (We seriously recommend sneakers. Blisters are not a fun way to spend your day.)

*A sweatshirt. Because yes, contrary to popular belief, it does get chilly in the Javits Center.

*Deodorant. Even though it may get chilly inside the convention, the crushing crowds cause people to stress and sweat, too. Plus, since you're going to practically be squashed in with everyone, you want to make sure that you smell nice.

*Cash. There's no set amount that you need to bring with you, but lunch is expensive at the Javits center, so if you don't plan on bringing your own lunch, bring a decent amount of dough with you. Even if you do bring your lunch, bringing $40-$50 along with you is helpful for buying books, paying for luggage storage, grabbing an extra drink/snack, or (of course, duh, because this is BookCon, people!) buying some books.

*Any books you want to get signed. BookCon is going to be absolutely stuffed with amazing authors (especially our favorites--like Veronica Roth and John Green!), so if you know that any of your favorites are going, toss a book of theirs in your bag to get signed. Seriously. Even if you know they aren't doing an autograph session, because you never know! 

*Pack a lunch and some light snacks. The Javits center has some nice food selections if you'd like, but they're pretty pricey and lines can possibly be miles long. Chances are, time that you will spend waiting on line at the food court is time that you could be using to check out some more amazing things that BookCon has to offer. So bring your own lunch/snacks/drinks along with you so you can eat quickly and then go back to having an awesome time.

*A water bottle. Because trust me, dehydration is a nightmare, and you don't want to get sick on an awesome day like this.

*A phone charger. Augustus Waters' death may have been inevitable (*sob*), but that doesn't mean that your phone's has to be. Portable chargers are literally the 8th wonder of the world, so charge one up the night before and bring it along with you just in case your battery percentage dips into the single digits while you're out having fun.

*A camera. This isn't really required if you're going to have a smartphone with you, but if you don't, or if you want to print these pictures and have them developed to put in a scrapbook because BookCon is just going to be so freaking awesome, toss a camera (and some batteries!) in a bag to bring along with you.

*Business cards. If you're a book blogger, this event is one of the most perfect places to get the word out about your blog. Print up some business cards and bring them with you so you'll be ready to pass the word along!

*Pen/pencil and a Sharpie. You never know when you'll need a pen. And who knows if you'll bump into someone awesome and want their autograph?

*Yourself, ready for an awesome time! Because this is going to be an awesome day!

So hopefully that's it, and all you need to know! Check back soon for more reviews and coverage and fangirling as BookCon approaches!!

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