Let's Talk: Some of Our Favorite YA Dads

Some of our favorite YA dads!

Happy Father's Day! We decided to celebrate the day by talking about some of our favorite dads that have ever popped up in YA literature. We asked you guys, too - so here's what everyone had to say!

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"My favorite YA dad is definitely a tie between Hazel Grace's dad in The Fault in Our Stars and Emmy's dad in Emmy and Oliver. Both of them were so funny and made so many sarcastic and funny remarks that had me laughing and they both reminded me of my own dad. :-)" -Jessica

Some of your favorite YA Dads:

So, who are your favorite father figures from some popular YA books? Comment down below and let us know - and tell your own dads to have a Happy Father's Day! :-) 


  1. The dad in fangirl! I wanted to hug him all the time :( Poor guy.

  2. I LOVED the dad in Fangirl and in Second Chance Summer♥
    This is a great post! Truly :)

    - Jumana @ Books by Jay

  3. The dad in Fangirl really was freaking cute, though I'm not sure I'd actually want him as my father. I think I'd need a father (or mother) who's a lot more decided and collected cuz I'm neither of those things haha. I'd go with Lola's dads, but Carlisle from Twilight isn't a bad choice either. Aside from the ones mentioned America's (The Selection) dad will always remain one of my fav fictional fathers.
    Great topic! :)


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