Confessions of a YA Book Blogger

Forgive me blogosphere for I have sinned... 

(I felt like this GIF fit)  

1. I debate daily if I should take a nap or read. Everyday I have the same argument with myself. Spoiler alert: I always end up sleeping. 

2. I request too many digital ARCs and overwhelm myself. Why? Because I can.  I need to learn to limited myself, but I always end up requesting too many and overwhelming myself. Eventually I'll learn. 

3. I DNF a lot of books. Why read something your aren't enjoying? I read for pleasure. Not to be tormented. 

4. I can't read fast because of my ADHD. Its been a more recent thing, but I use to be able to read 5 books a week (sometimes more) and now it takes me a week to read a book or two. 

5. I constantly come up with discussions posts but I am too lazy to actually type them. The struggle is real. 

6. When ever I buy something I think about how many books I could have bought instead. It was especially bad when I bought my car. I could have bought 222 Hard cover books or 400 paper backs! 

7. Sometimes, I hate writing reviews. Sometimes I am just not in the mood to review something. (I do though!)  I would rather watch Netflix or start another book. 

8. I am forgetful. If Jessica doesn't remind me to do something blog related I will put it off and forget about it. 

9. I relate better with NA characters then YA characters. (Most times)  I don't read much NA anymore, but I use to be able to relate with those characters more then ones in YA. 

10. I've canceled plans to stay home and read. *Shrugs* *Coughs* *Shrugs again*

11. I feel like my reviews aren't good. Despite not feeling up to writing reviews I always try and put 110% in, but I feel like they aren't good enough. 

Now its your turn! Are you guilty of some of these things? Leave a confession in the comments below! 


  1. I DNF a lot of books too! I thought I was the only one. I'm super picky & critical as a reader, though, so it takes a lot to impress me. And just an FYI from someone who writes, your reviews are wonderful, even if you think they aren't. I get intimidated to review books simply because bloggers are so amazing at doing so. It's not my strong point, but reviews always matter and always help, so don't doubt yourself. <3

  2. Omg I actually do 99% of these! It's totally normal, don't you feel bad about this. I always overwhelm myself and end up procrastinating then I end up not reading any of my review books.. The coming up with discussion posts is actually funny because I'm doing that right now. The thing is, I come up with them and write them on paper and somehow I also feel lazy to type them out on my computer. This is a new level of lazy..

    I love your blog, so don't stress too much!♥

    Have a great day.

    Jumana @ Books by Jay


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