The College Diaries #2: Emily

Hey guys! So I've been in college for a little over a month now. I'm a Freshmen at Farmingdale State College studying Liberal Arts. I honestly have no clue what I'd like to major in. I'm leaning towards studying Library Science during grad school. This wasn't my first choice, at all actually. I was originally going to major in Baking and Pastry Arts but after overthinking and overthinking some more, I decided to just go easy and major in Liberal Arts.  

My first few weeks have overall been good. I'm only taking four classes but it's enough for me. I'm taking mostly basic classes and my favorite so far is Psychology. I just find it so interesting and can't wait until we go more into abnormal psych. My commute is easy and thank god parking isn't too bad (as long as I don't sleep in). The work load really isn't that bad. Most of my Professors post the notes online and give us at least a week in advanced for tests and quizes. Most of the homework is due at the end of the semester or we  were told about it at the beginning of the semester with due dates throughout the months. I haven't been overloaded with work and I'm extremely grateful for that. 

Honestly, there isn't much to do on campus (that or I'm not looking hard enough). I've actually been thinking about taking a huge step out of my comfort zone and rushing for a sorority in the spring. I am not one for social situations, I'm very shy and keep to myself most the time so actually doing something like that is extremely different for me.

So as the semester and year go on, I'm hoping to get used to life as a some what functioning adult and eventually make up my mind on what I'd like to major in.


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