Review: China Rich Girlfriend (Crazy Rich Asians, #2) by Kevin Kwan

Title: China Rich Girlfriend (Crazy Rich Asians, #2)
Author: Kevin Kwan
Publisher: Anchor
Rating: 5/5 Stars
Paperback, 479 Pages
Published June 2015

Summary: It’s the eve of Rachel Chu’s wedding, and she should be over the moon. She has a flawless Asscher-cut diamond, a wedding dress she loves, and a fiancĂ© willing to thwart his meddling relatives and give up one of the biggest fortunes in Asia in order to marry her. Still, Rachel mourns the fact that her birthfather, a man she never knew, won’t be there to walk her down the aisle. Then a chance accident reveals his identity. Suddenly, Rachel is drawn into a dizzying world of Shanghai splendor, a world where people attend church in a penthouse, where exotic cars race down the boulevard, and where people aren’t just crazy rich … they’re China rich.

This book is the second book in the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy, and I couldn't be more excited to read it. (You can read my review of the first book by clicking here!)

I didn't think it would be possible to love any other book in this trilogy as much as I loved Crazy Rich Asians, but I was delightfully surprised! This book made me laugh, cry, gasp, and blew me away throughout the entire story, and I had to text my roommate (who let me borrow the book) to vent and fangirl with her because there was just so much going on here. So without further ado, let's get into the review!

As the summary explains, Nick and Rachel are about to get married when there's a freak accident across the world that somehow leads Rachel to finding her mysterious father that she's been searching for for so long. But their reunion doesn't go as planned, because there are some secrets, other children, hateful mothers, and gossip that is trying to tear them apart. And the more that Rachel finds out, the more she isn't sure she wants to stay in China seeing everybody after all.

I absolutely loved this book and tore through it so quickly because I wasn't able to put it down. I breezed through this nearly 500-page book in just a few days because there was just so much drama going on that I always wanted to know what was going to happen next. A lot of the well-loved (and well-hated) characters from the first book make appearances, but you also meet a bunch of new fresh faces that play an important role in the story. You also get a lot more of Kitty Pong, which was a delight, and she was super hilarious and headstrong so I loved reading more about her!

My favorite character in this book is still Nick (I mean come on, *swoon*!), but I also really loved Rachel and she had some really epic moments throughout this book -- I won't spoil them for you, so that's all I'll say, but you definitely need to pick up the book and read it to find out for yourself. The only thing I was kind of sad about in this book was the fact that there isn't as much focus on Nick and Rachel's romance, or even their wedding, which was something we've all really been anticipating since the end of the first book, so it felt a bit brushed over and buried, which bummed me out a little bit. However, in its place were tons more stories of backstabbing, drama, and secrets to keep me entertained, so I loved it just the same.

Overall, I really loved China Rich Girlfriend, and I'm already itching to pick up the next book and dive into the world of splendor all over again. I'm super grateful that my roommate has been awesome enough to let me borrow the second and third books in the trilogy so I can crack open the final one and start it as soon as I finish this review, because this story of drama and romance and all of the plot twists of a high-society tale is something so addicting to me as a reader -- so if you'll excuse me, it's time to get back to reading! 

Be on the lookout for my review of the third book in the trilogy, coming soon!

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