Where we disappear to until May


Now, no body except the residents of our town know what Blue & Gold is. For the students of our high school it is bigger then homecoming, and bigger then any school event. It is a time of the year that we anticipate highly.  

What is Blue & Gold exactly? It is a dance competition, but we are telling a story. There have two teams. Blue and Gold. Both teams go head to head to create the best routines, costumes, decorations and props in a 3 month period of time. Me and Jessica both participate as dancers on Blue Team, and as dancers we learn a big opening dance called entrance, and then some smaller dances called scenes. That makes up the entrance of our show. Then you have marching, that is also dancing that all 120 girls and boys take place in as well. Sounds exhausting doesn't it? Here is a video from last years marching so you can see for yourself: 

We got a perfect score on this! 20/20 (This is from out 2015 season!) 

But with Blue & Gold comes long vigorous practices that both take up time and energy. We spend hours rehearsing these dances to get them perfect, and to get perfect scores. Everything is out of 20 points, and if you can get 20 points its a big deal. So we work hard. Here is our big entrance dance from last year: 

We got a 20/20 on this also! 

But besides marching and entrance, there is also events. Hip hop, Lyrical, and Cal (Calisthenics) That not every girl makes it onto, but they work hard as well. These dances are carefully carefully choreographed with our theme in mind. The end result is amazing. Me or Jessica didn't make any events last year, but here is a cal video: (My sister is in it though) 

The big thing with Cal is not falling out of your head stand, which all three nights none of the girls did. This was also 20/20! 

Last years theme was Planet Earth if you didn't catch that already. Blue Team (mine and Jessica's team for the past three years) lost by 3 points. The show is judged for two of the three nights that we perform, the scores are then combined from both nights, and in one last gathering the winner is announced. The loss hurts because we try so hard, but it makes us work harder the next year. Which this year, we are working our butts off. Last year the themes were Planet Earth (Blue) and Circus (Gold). 

This Year's Themes: 

All Around The World (Blue) and Dr. Seuss (Gold) 

We know this is complicated, and we try to explain it the best we can. But this is why we disappear from twitter, or don't have a post up because our time is going into this. This is our last year of it, and we want it to be the best year that we have. So far it has, and I am hoping that when the show comes it will be in our favor. But until then, we will keep working hard. 


  1. This is really cool! I'm going to be honest - this was not what I was expecting when I read the title of the post. :D Best of luck, ladies! I'm rooting for you. <3

    Alyssa @ The Eater of Books!

  2. Im so curious about how this one would turn out. time to order, i guess! great post.

  3. That sounds like so much fun! Have a blast and enjoy the heck out of your last year!!!


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