My Dream Reading/Writing Nook!

Today, I have a super interesting (and fun!) dream project that I've been working on: I used Havenly to help dream up my perfect reading/writing space! Havenly was super helpful because it's a website dedicated entirely to interior design, from the early stages of planning/mapping out what you want with some of their seasoned interior designers all the way down to actually shopping for the pieces you'd like to put in your space! And trust me, it seriously gets addicting. I've spent hours on their site already.

How does it work? It's super easy, and their website walks you through the entire thing. You can chat with an interior designer that will help you come up with some ideas for what you're visualizing, and then you can check out pieces from all sorts of categories! I'm going with a contemporary feel for my space today, because I'm super neat and organized and I'm a big fan of clean lines, the solid colors, and the overall feel of contemporary pieces. 

Paidge Chair

I'm a big fan of patterned chairs, especially again white or very light, simple walls -- I want my space to look clean and organized with just a few pops of colors and patterns!

Sand Timer with Compass

I'm a total sucker for small, pointless, adorable things that I'd never use. Which is why this adorable sand hourglass/timer is perfect to spend my imaginary money on, and hey -- I'll have a solid way to time myself while doing some writing or reading sprints!

I'm a big fan of rose gold -- everything down to my watch and my phone is already this color, so it'd make sense to have some baskets for office storage be that color, too!

Runway White Desk

Nothing like a plain white desk to have everything feeling nice and clean.

And a matching white chair!

I don't even know why I need this little adorable pen cup, but I just do.


And a white lamp to go along with it!

And a pretty rainbow rug to make things pop!

Can't forget the clock, or I'll get lost in my reading cave and never come out ever again.

And the most important -- tons of bookshelves just like this one to store all of my favorite reads!

So, those are all of the pieces and details I thought up for my perfect reading space -- what're your thoughts? Comment down below to let me know what you think about my design, and feel free to share some designs of your own as well!

If you guys haven't thought about your own bookish space yet, what are you waiting for?! I may be a broke college student just dreaming about my dream reading/writing space, but some of you guys are lucky enough to go out there and already make it happen. For now, I'll be chatting with some of Havenly's interior designers and planning my dream nook a little more!

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