Blog Tour: The Demon Race by Alexandria Warwick (+ Giveaway!)

Today I am super excited to be spotlighting The Demon Race by Alexandria Warwick on the blog. Market as "Hidalgo meets An Ember in the Ashes in this Middle Eastern-inspired YA fantasy debut." There is no doubt that The Demon Race is going to be loved by all YA readers a like. Rich in imagery and world building Warwick brings a beautiful and dark concept to life. 

About The Demon Race:

Title: The Demon Race 
Author: Alexandria Warwick
Genre: Fantasy
Publisher: Wolf Publishing
Publication Date: September 18th 2018
A race across the desert. An unimaginable prize. It occurs once every thousand years: the Demon Race. A test of will and strength, it is a race across the Saraj, a fight for the prize of a lifetime. And it is the key to Namali Hafshar’s freedom. When shy, seventeen-year-old Namali learns of her arranged marriage, she flees home and enters the Demon Race for the chance to change her fate. But to compete, she must cross the Saraj on a daeva, a shadow demon that desires its own reward: to infect her soul with darkness. Namali soon learns the desert holds more dangers than meets the eye. The only person she can trust is Sameen, a kind competitor seeking his own destiny. As her affection for him grows, however, so too does the darkness in her heart. In this race of men and demons, only one can win. But the price of winning might be more than Namali is willing to pay.
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About Alexandria:

Alexandria Warwick is the #1 fan of Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Demon Race is her first novel. Find her on: Website | Instagram


Thank you so much Alexandria for reaching out for us to be a apart of the blog tour for The Demon Races

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